Texas Tech University

Cosas de Sevilla 12, Spring 2017

April 27, 2017

Dear Friends and Family of The Texas Tech University Center in Sevilla,

¡Hola! Things have been quite busy here lately! With the semester winding down, we only have a few weeks left together as a group.

Last night we had our last group excursion: a Bull Fight! Yesterday, the students were given a thorough overview of this Spanish tradition. After the experience, I believe most students can agree that a bullfight in Spain is quite a spectacle!

En La Plaza

Next week is the big city festival: la Feria de abril, or The April Fair. La Feria will begin on Monday night at midnight and go until the following Sunday. Originally an event to trade livestock, La Feria has become a dancing, partying, rollercoaster-riding festival of fun! Seville's population of approximately 750,000 people, will more than double; up to 2 million people are expected! It will also be a nice opportunity for our young ladies to wear their beautiful flamenco dresses. It is the dress traditionally worn by the women at Feria. It is typically brightly colored, and can be either plain or patterned, being the polka dotted, or traje de lunares, the most famous. The students who took the dance class during the semester will have a chance to dress up and dance sevillanas with their Spanish friends.

In the days following the Feria, the students will have one last week of classes for final exams and presentations. With the Feria, they will have plenty of time to work and study, in addition to enjoying all of the fun festivities or visiting some other interesting cities! You will hear all about those events next week. Until then…


Enjoy the pictures at the bullfighting!

¡Hasta pronto!
- Myriam.

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