Texas Tech University

COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Study Abroad Locations Other Than The TTU Center in Sevilla, Spain and TTU Costa Rica

The well-being of faculty, staff and students is a top priority for Texas Tech University. TTU is closely monitoring the COVID-19 global pandemic and is taking measures to ensure university travelers are kept informed and safe. We ask all student and university travelers to remain vigilant and flexible with travel plans. Thank you for your patience as we continually assess risk across all study abroad programs and international travels and make adjustments to safely connect Red Raiders with invaluable international experiences.

In considering study abroad travel, Texas Tech University (TTU) International Affairs (OIA) has developed a set of expectations to which we ask our international partners and our students to adhere.

Travelers to the TTU Center in Sevilla, Spain, and the TTU campus in Costa Rica should refer to the location-specific resources for up-to-date COVID-related information.

Expectations of TTU Study Abroad Partners – 2021 and Beyond

TTU collaborates with a network of universities and study abroad programs around the world to support our students and faculty program leaders. Concerning COVID-19, TTU Study Abroad expects the following from our international partners:

  • A comprehensive, up-to-date health and safety plan including procedures and services to support Red Raiders in the emerging "new normal," including support and protocols for symptomatic students or students with suspected exposure. TTU Study Abroad may request this plan at any time and expects receipt in a timely fashion.
  • On-site orientation to include information on student health, local public health guidance or mandates and responsible student behaviors and engagement.
  • Academic continuity plan to allow Red Raiders the opportunity to continue coursework should the program be altered due to COVID-19 or the need to self-isolate due to suspected exposure or contraction of the virus (i.e. ability to move to online learning).
  • Identified locations for students to self-isolate should quarantine be necessary, including meal options.
  • Consistent communication to ensure TTU is informed of the health and safety of Red Raiders as well as program changes affecting our students.
  • Dedicated on-site staff for student support and incident response.
  • Flexibility and a willingness to work with students regarding program payments and due dates.

Expectations of TTU Study Abroad Students

In addition to expectations of our global partners, TTU Study Abroad expects Red Raiders to positively represent the University and adhere to COVID-related protocols while studying abroad. TTU Study Abroad expects students to:

  • Adhere to COVID-19 policies and procedures of the chosen study abroad program, host university, and host country.
  • Understand that COVID-19 protocols may be different abroad than on campus. Specifically, protocols may be more strict and could include mandated facial-coverings, quarantine, testing and vaccination.
  • Remain flexible and vigilant.
  • Maintain communication; TTU Study Abroad will contact you through your TTU email. Students are expected to maintain access to this account before, during, and after a study abroad experience, regardless of other email accounts utilized. Additionally, while abroad TTU students should have a working cell phone (specifically, a phone plan and not reliant on WIFI only).
  • Students should also maintain communication with their program including the affiliate provider or exchange university.
  • Finally, students should maintain contact with family, guardians and loved ones while abroad, especially if program changes are necessary.

Expectations of TTU Study Abroad

Finally, students as well as family members and loved ones supporting study abroad students can expect the following from TTU Study Abroad:

  • The safety of Red Raiders will always be our top priority.
  • We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 global pandemic and take measures to ensure university travelers are kept informed.
  • We will continue to rigorously review the COVID-19 health and safety protocols of our international partners to ensure they meet our high standards. We will suspend partnership with programs whose protocols do not meet our standards.
  • We will communicate updates as necessary with the campus community, study abroad students, and parents or loved ones supporting study abroad students. 
  • We will make every effort to maintain program and academic continuity should a program disruption occur.
  • We will continue to be available 24/7 should an emergency arise.