Texas Tech University

Recap: Summer 2021 at the TTU Center in Sevilla

The TTU Center in Sevilla was elated to re-open our doors to 100 students this summer from across many academic disciplines. Our largest groups of students were Engineering, Sociology and those studying Spanish language. While travel outside of Seville was more limited this summer in comparison to previous years, our students were able to explore Sevilla on a deeper level to see all that the city has to offer them. Here we share with you some of the photos of this summer's student cohorts as they experienced the city in a way that few students had experienced before: with very few other international tourists. Our students returned saying they “felt like they had the city to themselves” because tourism in Spain was still mostly restricted during the time of our programs.

Among the many places we visited, students named the following local destinations as their favorites: the Roman ruins of Italica, the largest Gothic Cathedral, and the Royal Alcazar of Seville.

While we anxiously await our Fall group and travelling with them throughout the beautiful country of Spain, check out the local adventures of our Summer students in the below photos. You can see all of these activities highlighted on the TTU Center in Sevilla social media platforms and be sure to follow us for future program features!