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Social Issues in Sport

Ask a torero why he stares down a raging bull. Discover the dictator who started the rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Stand alongside fans at a Spanish football game. Dance flamenco with women challenging and affirming gender traditions. In Social Issues in Sport in Spain, students will draw on first-hand experiences of soccer games, bull fights, flamenco dancers, and sport stadia in Spain while learning cutting edge social theory to examine social issues in sport.

Looking down the streets of Sevilla, Spain

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the biggest rivals in sport. But it started with Francisco Franco, a military dictator who (with support from Hitler) ruled over Spain and loved Real Madrid. Catalan people, who lived in and around Barcelona, hated Franco because he outlawed their language. In fact, the only place Catalans could speak their language was at the games of their beloved football club. For Catalans, FC Barcelona matches became a way to resist the dictatorship and assert their ethnic identity. Fast forward to 2017, and the Catalans used FC Barcelona as a symbol in their fight for independence. What a place to study social issues in sport!

Students will apply social theory to examine social issues in sport, with a focus on Spain and its unique history of soccer, bull fighting, and dance. We will visit key sport landmarks and speak to athletes and experts to gain first-hand experiences of sport in Spain. We will also bring new perspectives to current issues in the United States, such as athlete activism, gender equality, and the concussion crisis. This class fulfils TTU's multicultural requirement.

Course Offered

  • SPMT 4353: Social Issues in Sport

Program Fee

Program Dates

  • May 18 - June 3, 2019

Program Open To

Program Fee Includes

  • Housing with a host family (includes utilities, linens & laundry) & meals (3 per day, 7 days a week)
  • Excursions - hotels, transportation and entrance fees
  • Local tours
  • Seville orientation upon arrival
  • Insurance

Program Fee Does Not Include

  • TTU tuition and fees
  • Airfare to/from Spain
  • Education Abroad fee ($200)
  • Meals on excursions
  • Personal spending money

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Contact: Dr. Christopher McLeod

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