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Race & Ethnicity

Students who study abroad may find that physical features which distinguish them from the host population may result in questions, stares, comments, or sometimes overt prejudice.

The Study Abroad team encourages all students to consider building study abroad into their degree plan at Texas Tech University. We welcome students of all races and ethnicities who meet TTU Study Abroad eligibility requirements to participate in our programs. As a Student of Color, you may have some specific concerns regarding studying abroad. The Study Abroad team believes these concerns should be addressed early and should not prevent you from studying abroad if it is your desire to do so. TTU Study Abroad staff as well as program staff abroad can advise racially and ethnically diverse students about how to minimize negative interactions during study abroad.

Things to Consider

Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss the best time for you to study abroad.

Include your family in the planning process so they understand how study abroad can benefit your goals and interests. Encourage your family to review the Parents, Guardians & Mentors section of the TTU Study Abroad website for more information.

Talk to your TTU Study Abroad Counselor about which program(s) would best meet your needs. 

Learn about your financing options and how to utilize financial aid and scholarships for study abroad.

Consider ways to make your international experience even more impactful. Think about incorporating an international internship, research project or service-learning into your international program. These unique opportunities will help you develop important contacts and skills for your future career.

Take ownership of the process! We understand the study abroad planning process will include many steps. Set yourself up for success by planning ahead. Be sure to keep track of application deadlines, funding opportunities, and program requirements.

TTU Campus Resources

TTU's Cross Cultural Academic Advancements Multicultural Student Resource Center

How TTU Study Abroad Can Assist

In addition to advising racially and ethnically diverse students of their study abroad and funding opportunities, the TTU Study Abroad staff members are committed to do the following:

  • Work closely with the Diversity Abroad Network and study abroad program staff to make clear during advising the opportunities and challenges for racially and ethnically diverse students.
  • Share resources and information for Students of Color such as Diversity Abroad, All Abroad, Brown University's Diversity Issues in Study Abroad, the Glimpse Race Abroad Acclimation Guide, information for heritage seekers (students who want to study abroad to learn about their ancestry), this list of Top Ten Reasons for African American Students to Go Abroad, and Travel Noire which is a digital publishing platform that describes itself as "cultivated insight from a global community of Black travelers."
  • Partner with affiliate providers and host institutions that are also committed to providing support to Students of Color.
  • Speak with students during advising appointments about how they can include family and loved ones in the study abroad planning process by sharing information about the myths and benefits of study abroad.
  • Include discussion in advising appointments and pre-departure orientation about racial and ethnic identities as they are understood in new cultural contexts.
  • Connect interested students with TTU's Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center to get involved in opportunities that "seek to broaden knowledge of diversity, multiculturalism, social justice, and inclusive excellence" before and after a study abroad program.

Speak with a Study Abroad Counselor

Do you or your family have any concerns related to study abroad? Your Study Abroad Counselor can assist with your questions, like:

  • What opportunities and challenges have other racially and ethnically diverse students faced as they prepare to travel abroad?
  • Can I be connected with students and alumni with similar identities as me?
  • What on-campus support and resources will I have access to overseas?
  • How will study abroad help me reach my academic, personal and professional goals?
  • Will my TTU financial aid and scholarships count towards my study abroad program?
  • What advice do you have for first generation students who are thinking about study abroad?
  • What impact can going abroad have on my future career path?

Schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Counselor.


"Going abroad was one of the best decisions that I made during my time at Texas Tech. Initially, I was intimidated because my race is different than the locals in my host country, but ultimately it enhanced my experience. The people were very welcoming and desired to know more about me beyond the color of my skin. It was amazing to see how much the locals and I had in common despite our surface-level differences. I came to realize through my experience abroad that even with our unique cultures and experiences, we shared many of the same ideas, values, and interests."

Dante Agbontaen, studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain, summer 2017 and interned abroad in Cordoba, Argentina, summer 2018