Texas Tech University


While you are studying in Seville, The Center offers several excursions for you to discover other parts of Spain and get to know the history and the culture of the country. Some are day trips, like the beach city of Cádiz, or others may include an overnight stay in the city, like Granada. You will get to know the important spots of the city and the importance of those monuments of the city or in the country's history. Also, you will get free time to discover the cities at your own pace.

Before you go to these excursions you will have a mandatory presentation of 30 minutes to explain to you the history and its importance in Spain but, also, to give you recommendations of what to do in your free time as well as typical foods that you can eat in those cities that we will be visiting.

*Some excursions may vary depending on your program.

* In summer, there are no presentations before we go on the excursions.