Texas Tech University

Raider PC Mart

In collaboration with Property Management, the TTU IT Division created Raider PC Mart (https://www.raiderpcmart.ttu.edu), a voluntary online communication system to facilitate the exchange of computing equipment among TTU departments. Raider PC Mart allows departments to electronically find other departments that may be interested in the outgoing equipment. We invite you to use this service before the equipment is surplussed through Property Inventory.

The application allows individuals authorized by the department head to post computer equipment no longer needed in their department, or to review the postings and express interest in equipment posted. While inventory transfer paperwork is a precursor to the exchange, the application allows interested parties to share information and negotiate PC (and peripheral equipment) trades.

As with any equipment transfer, all TTU Operating Policies and Procedures apply. Links to the relevant policies are available on the Raider PC Mart homepage.

Raider PC Mart has the following features and operating principles:

  • Computers and related peripheral equipment are posted for 30 days and may be renewed for an additional 30 days;
  • Posting departments can include pictures of equipment available for exchange;
  • Faculty and staff can elect to receive weekly email notifications of newly posted equipment; and
  • The application contains an internal mechanism that allows interested parties to communicate directly.

Please note that Raider PC Mart is a service designed to foster communication and extend the life of TTU's IT capital investment. Each department is responsible for the terms of the exchange and the condition of the equipment. The system is designed only for the purposes of computing equipment exchange.

Dust off that unneeded computer and post it to Raider PC Mart—recycle and save money! Remember, equipment that is old to one area may be more than sufficient for the needs of another.