Texas Tech University

Did you know? VPN is no longer needed for Microsoft Remote Desktop!

Posted May 26, 2016

When you're away from campus, Microsoft Remote Desktop provides access to your Windows desktop computer as if you were sitting in front of it. For instance, if you have your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone at a hotel while traveling, you may use Microsoft Remote Desktop to securely connect to the Windows PC in your office.

In the past, a VPN connection was required in order to use Microsoft Remote Desktop. The TTU IT Division now provides a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Gateway service to facilitate remote desktop connections without VPN. Traffic to and from the RDP Gateway to the remote client is encrypted, just like VPN connections.


  • When off campus, no VPN connection required to connect to a TTU Windows computer.
  • Secure connection to TTU Windows workstations and servers from remote locations.
  • Use your remote computer as though you were sitting at your desk at work.
  • Access to all internal services like file shares, printers, and INB.
  • Apps are available for Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android to access your Windows computer remotely.

Setting up or modifying your Remote Desktop connection to use the RDP Gateway is a simple process, and should take no more than five minutes to complete. To view Remote Desktop setup instructions for specific platforms, please search askIT. For any questions or additional information, please contact IT Help Central at 806-742-4357 [HELP] or ithelpcentral@ttu.edu.