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Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 (O365) is an online office and software/services suite available to TTUS and TTU faculty, staff, and students through Office.com. O365 offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform. Learn more.

Overview of O365 services

TechMail through Outlook.com - Outlook.com (also branded as Outlook on the web or Exchange Online) is an email service provided by Microsoft for TTUS and TTU faculty, staff, and students. Outlook.com provides the same email service to which you are already accustomed, but with added benefits, such as 100 GB for email storage.

OneDrive for Business - OneDrive for Business is 1 TB of free online storage available to TTUS and TTU faculty, staff, and students. You can use OneDrive for Business to save documents, photos, videos, and other files and access them from any computer or mobile device. You can also share those files with friends/colleagues and even collaborate on content together.

Office Online - With Office.com, you can create, edit, and share your Office files from any browser. Office.com also serves as the official website for Microsoft Office. The site provides how-to articles, tips, training courses, templates, clip art, stock photos and media, add-ins for Microsoft Office programs, productivity-enhancing tools, and web-based services.

Office 365 ProPlus - TTU's Office 365 ProPlus subscription means you always have the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Skype for Business, and Access. Other software may also be available.

Office for mobile devices - Full access to Microsoft Office mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Upcoming enhancements to the web-based Outlook and Outlook for Windows

Outlook on the web - The new version of Outlook on the web includes improved search capabilities, suggested message replies, simplified event creation, and many other improvements! Microsoft will implement the enhanced software in mid-October and will complete it by January 1, 2019. 

Outlook for Windows - The new version of Office 365 Outlook for Windows will include features such as a simplified ribbon, a redesigned message list, and other improvements.

Additional information about the upcoming enhancements for Outlook on the web or Outlook for Windows as well as information on how to use these two applications can be found in askIT.

How to access Outlook on the web without signing in twice

If you are prompted to sign in twice when accessing TechMail through the Web, it is likely because you typed "https://mail.ttu.edu" instead of the link for O365 email (https://outlook.com/ttu.edu).

Training and assistance

Excellent training resources are available at https://office.com/training. You may also find answers by searching our knowledge base—askIT—at https://www.askit.ttu.edu.


O365 services

For more help on Office 365 services, please search askIT.