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Chase Greer (far right) tosses his cap with the Class of 2019.
Chase Greer (far right) tosses his cap with the Class of 2019.

TTU K-12 Grad Works Toward Platform for Social Change

By Leslie Cranford, Section Manager
August 13, 2019

Chase Greer wants to become a famous actor; not an uncommon dream for a newly graduated student who's had some experience in that arena. He also wants to become a research scientist or doctor.

"It's an odd pairing I know, but it's the dream," Chase said of his plans post-high school.

His desire to become a successful actor is driven by wanting a large platform to help bring about social change.

"I'm interested in bringing about legislation to ensure medication and medical care is affordable and accessible to everyone," Chase explained.

And for all the varied experiences Chase has had, that seems not so impossible.

Chase initially enrolled in TTU K-12 due to some health challenges he had during his freshman year. This allowed him time to recover and finish his coursework. Later he would enroll for the entirety of his junior and senior years.

"When I started pursuing acting a couple years later, enrolling in TTU K-12 enabled me to go to auditions with my mom, Angela Martin-Greer, and to film without having to worry about how or when I would get my schoolwork done."

Chase has a passion for storytelling in its many forms, as he has been known to act, sing, write and even dance on occasion.

"I played Seaweed in ‘Hairspray.' I've appeared in several commercials, musicals, plays and short films," Chase said. "I'm a huge basketball fan and was thrilled to have the lead in a commercial for the NBA mobile app, which aired a couple of years ago on ESPN."

No stranger to the spotlight, he even made the local news when he was in middle school.

"While I was a Boy Scout, I used the skills I acquired to save a classmate from choking and was honored for my bravery," he explained. "I was then asked to deliver the keynote address at the Sam Houston Area Council's Annual Meeting a few months later. The story aired on KHOU-TV news and was featured in the Houston Chronicle."

Chase also has been published twice, once for a short story and again for a poem, in the Read3Zero Literary Foundation's anthology: "I Write. Short Stories by Kids for Kids." He was later asked to be their spokesperson in some literacy campaigns.

"What an honor. I guess you can say I'm aspiring to be a modern-day renaissance man," Chase grinned.

Chase says his favorite part of attending TTU K-12 was being able to have a schedule that worked for him and having time flexibility.

"It's just my mom and me, so being able to do classwork around my auditions, performances and family commitments was important. Having the support of my mom along with teachers and staff that were willing to assist me in reaching my goals was vital."

He added the most significant way that TTU K-12 helped him prepare for what he is currently doing and going to do was to become self-disciplined. Since the courses are self-paced, it caused him to create a system and set a schedule for himself to complete his assignments.

"This new skill has aided me in all aspects of my life," Chase said. "I would describe my overall experience as a positive and enjoyable one. I was able to take some interesting classes like Forensic Science and work at my own pace. The classes were challenging, and I did pretty well. So, that's always a plus."

Attending TTU K-12 afforded Chase the flexibility he needed to complete his high school education while pursuing acting.

"Switching to an online school was easier than I thought. The teachers and staff were there to assist me with the transition, as well as throughout my time as a student. The skills I developed along the way are invaluable.

"I look forward to continuing to pursue my acting and other creative interests, with some promising projects on the horizon," Chase said. "I will be playing a supporting role in an indie film as well as emceeing the 10th Anniversary iWrite Literacy Organization's Luncheon and Book Signing. In the fall I'm planning on attending college at Baylor University, where I've received a partial academic scholarship, majoring in biomedical engineering."

With all that Chase has accomplished already, there is little doubt he can in fact, be an actor and a doctor or researcher, subsequently realizing his dream of bringing about social change.

Chase uses the name “Chase Alexander” as his professional acting name.
Chase uses the name “Chase Alexander” as his professional acting name. (Photo credit: Canterbury Photography)
Chase with his mom, Angela.
Chase with his mom, Angela.
Chase participates in a script writing workshop.
Chase leads a script writing workshop.
Chase holds his diploma, flanked by TTU K-12 administrators.
Chase holds his diploma, flanked by TTU K-12 administrators.
Chase poses with Texas Tech’s mascot, Raider Red.
Chase poses with Texas Tech's mascot, Raider Red.
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