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TTU K-12 takes pride in exploring international partnerships with schools who have the desire to create new educational opportunities. For more information regarding TTU K-12 international partnerships, email us at ttuk12@ttu.edu.

TTU K-12 offers online distance education programs.

TTU K-12 is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and by the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). We offer flexible educational opportunities for students, schools, and school districts. Our elementary, middle and high school options meet the same rigorous standards as traditional brick-and-mortar schools; the difference is where and when students learn.

International Program Offerings

TTU K-12 offers two tracks for partner schools. The international dual diploma accommodates entire classes or cohorts of students. The single high school diploma is designed for individual endeavor. Both options allow students to earn a Texas high school diploma. Through the partnership programs, students complete online courses designed to stimulate student learning and work with certified teachers to successfully complete their course and exam requirements.

International Dual Diploma

Students seek two high school diplomas while concurrently enrolled in both their local partner school and in TTU K-12. 
Students are required to complete a designated number of credits via TTU K-12 online courses and transfer the remaining high school credits from their local school. This program is recommended for students with at least adequate conversational and literary English skills. Students are required to take an entrance exam prior to admission to determine their academic and English language levels.

Single Diploma: (Full-Time International TTU K-12 Student)

Partner schools use TTU K-12 curriculum and courses at a distance, enabling students to work toward obtaining a Texas high school diploma. This program is recommended for students with an English-language background due to the rigors of reading, writing and speaking English.

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As TTU K-12 continues to expand internationally, we are exploring new partnerships with those who want to create new educational opportunities.

Entering into a partnership agreement with TTU K-12 
carries specific responsibilities in order to ensure the partnership is of the highest quality and effectiveness for everyone involved. 

Your students can study abroad at our International Summer Camps!

International TTU K-12 students have an opportunity to visit us during the summer. Students can experience Texas Tech University, attend classes, take field trips and enjoy recreational activities.

Scholarship Opportunities to Texas Tech University

TTU K-12 offers competitive scholarships to help with tuition for attending Texas Tech University. This scholarship qualifies students to pay in-state tuition for four years of their undergraduate program. Texas Tech is a tier one research institution and is one of only 81 public institutions in the top tier. Review additional scholarship criteria.



Jared Lay, Director
Recruitment and International Partnerships
(806) 834-0801 | Email: ttuk12@ttu.edu