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Health Screening Clinic

Program Description

The purpose of the Kinesiology and Sport Management (KSM) Health Screening Clinic is to provide preventative health assessments for faculty and staff of Texas Tech University with low health risk.  This clinic will allow students enrolled in the exercise testing and prescription course to participate in a real-world testing health assessment environment and further develop their professional skills.  Assessments will include body composition, resting heart rate and blood pressure, blood lipids (fats),  blood glucose, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular endurance, and flexibility.  Protocols follow American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines.  Collectively assessment data will be used to determine overall health-related fitness and design an appropriate exercise program.   An initial health screening survey must be completed and submitted to determine eligibility for inclusion into the program.  Faculty and graduate assistants will be on site to monitor and provide support during the clinic processes.

Gift Card Drawing

Benefits-eligible employees can earn a chance to win 1 of 5 - $20 Amazon gift cards by submitting your initial health screening survey and be cleared to participate by August 1, 2021.


The test results will not be reported to the University, only de-identified aggregate data will be reported.   Data will be kept confidentially and securely by course instructors.  Information will be provided to Texas Tech University Human Resources via secure communication to be put in a personalized health assessment.    Your name and R# will be provided to the University to verify your participation in the screening clinic.  


Recruiting now for Fall 2021 semester


Initial Health Screening Survey





Health Screening Clinic