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Sport Management Bachelor's to Master's Accelerated Program

The accelerated bachelor's to master's program in Sport Management provide an opportunity for qualified (3.0 GPA on last 60 hours) seniors to earn a bachelor's degree and begin earning a master's degree in a cost-effective and timely manner. This programs is designed to ensure that students earn high-quality TTU baccalaureate's degree and master's degree in pursuit of their educational and/or professional goals.

 • The earliest a student may apply to an accelerated program in Sport Management is the semester in which he or she will attain the 90th SCH in the student's undergraduate program in Sport Management. Transfer students must have, or be in, the semester they will attain 30 SCH at TTU.

 • Undergraduates must formally apply to the Graduate School. Upon recommendation by the Sport Management program faculty, and pursuant to meeting university requirements, students will be admitted to the Graduate School on a conditional basis. To obtain full standing in the Graduate School, students must meet all of the academic requirements for the baccalaureate program. Students will be officially counted as graduate students upon admission to full standing in the Graduate School.

 • A maximum of 6 SCH of graduate-level courses may be used to meet the requirement of the baccalaureate's degree, i.e. "double-counted" ( 6 graduate SCH will be applied toward the baccalaureate degree in Sport Management and those same 6 SCH will be applied toward the master's degree in Kinesiology or Sport Management).

 • Course content in graduate coursework applied to the baccalaureate degree should be in conformity with the expectations of Standard 9.6 (post-baccalaureate program rigor) of the SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation, which specifies that graduate-level academic content is more advanced in relation to content and outcomes than the undergraduate classes substituted. Also, non-major graduate elective courses may not be used to replace ("double count") a senior-level major course.

 • No undergraduate-level course may be counted toward the master's degree.

 • Students must meet all requirements that are expected of a student in the respective master's program (e.g., seminar, comprehensive examination, capstone experience, etc.) to graduate with the master's degree.

If you are ready to apply please see our admissions page at https://www.depts.ttu.edu/ksm/Admissions.php for requirements and link to apply.

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