Texas Tech University


2022 Texas ASLA
Merit Award






This project was developed as a part of Lubbock's (the hub city of North Texas) 2040 master plan, rethinking the city's natural draw. Four key phases, this project focused on: 

• Understanding the canyon lake system & surrounding areas
• Exploring possibilities of the lake system
• Developing trail networks and typologies
• Proposing activities

‘Morphogenesis' as the core concept, the strategy of our team was to transform the semi-arid landscape of the Llano Estacado in relation to Lubbock's vision, culture, demography, and social character. The concept rationalizes the proposal emphasizing ‘Equity'. After analyzing and proposing a generic trail system for the overall canyon lakes, this team later focused on McKenzie & Dunbar Lake area in the middle. This study area is adjacent to the Downtown Lubbock Cultural district and has a diversity of landscape, culture, neighborhood, opening opportunities to develop the site depending on the need and variations, thus establishing the core concept. The proposal was developed respecting the existing museums, civic events, and natural wilderness. The team focused on connecting neighborhoods and natural resources, restoring the ecosystem limiting human access, thus promoting activities spontaneously from the users through the Morphogenesis process. Major decisions: 

• Rethinking spatial distribution within existing land use
• Develop landmark and individual nodes with functional activities to formalize gateways to the city's overarching culture and enjoyable landscape
• Reroute the trail system connecting communities regardless of race and color
• Introducing BGI for restoring downstream and ecology

We envisioned osmosis between urban landscape and water connectivity through collaboration between the decision-making groups: stakeholders, professionals, and academia. Thus, this project creates a precedent for the future of Lubbock as an embodiment of the responsible and human-centric urban design. 


S.Y. Andalib

Shuvo Datta

Md Kamrul Hasan

Kaden Hasbini

Nazia Afrin Trina

Fatema Ali Tushi