Texas Tech University

International Law Programs

Educational Objectives for Study Abroad

As Texas's trade relations with global partners continue to expand, the School of Law is working to ensure that our students have an opportunity to prepare themselves for legal opportunities arising from these ever-growing international business transactions. We achieve that mission by providing a variety of elective courses in the international law field, and by giving students the option to work, learn and study in France, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany and Australia.

Among other things, these programs help us highlight the importance of knowing how to apply U.S. laws outside of our borders and the importance of understanding international laws and institutions as well as foreign laws, languages, cultures and societies. These programs are offered under the direction of professors from Texas Tech as well as professors, practitioners and jurists from around the globe.


Texas Tech University requires all their study abroad students (including Tech law students) to register with the Texas Tech Office of International Affairs and to complete an on-line application process that further requires (among other things) attendance at a pre-departure orientation session, a physical examination and a processing fee. Texas Tech students will not be allowed to study abroad unless they complete all requirements included in this online application process. For more information, students should contact a study abroad advisor at Texas Tech's Office for International Affairs. More information about Study Abroad resources and considerations is located at Texas Tech University's Study Abroad Web Site.

The American Bar Association (ABA) approves foreign study programs for students enrolled in any ABA approved law schools; therefore, any student interested in our semester abroad programs must review the ABA Rules well before the time they expect to sign-up for such a program. The criteria established by the ABA for receiving credit for our semester abroad programs (defined as "Criteria for Student Study at a Foreign Institution" by the ABA) can be found at the ABA Student Study Site. Among other things, the student's academic program must be approved in advance by Texas Tech.

Because of the time needed to complete the approval process required by the ABA, Texas Tech, and the host institution, students wishing to participate in a semester abroad program must begin the application process by scheduling an appointment with the Chair of the International and Visiting Students Committee, Professor Stephen Black at least one year prior to the time they intend to study abroad. In addition, students must submit a final and signed copy of their Proposal to Study Abroad on or before the first day of classes of the semester immediately preceding the semester for which they propose to study. Missing either of these deadlines may lead to the forfeiture of the student's opportunity to study abroad.