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Informatics Media Lab

About the Lab

Since 2012, the TTU Libraries' collaborative research service, the Informatics Media Lab, staff have pursued research in informatics of various forms but focused on 3D visualization for the arts and sciences. We seek transdisciplinary research collaborations as well as pursue several of our own research directions and topics. The IML is not an open access lab. If you would like to contact us to learn more about the IML or to discuss collaborative research possibilities, please contact one of us via the staff contact links near the bottom of this page. Research proposals and initiatives should be part of some formal and structured research program through either TTU or sister institutions.

The Informatics Media Lab occupies 1000 sq.ft. of space on the 2nd Floor-East in the TTU Main Library building and is part of the Digital Media Studio which also includes the open access 3D Animation Lab which was established in 2007.

The Lab Hardware

  • 5 Dell T7500 Win7/64 tower computers with 24GB of RAM and NVIDIA Quadro 4000 graphics boards.
  • Several NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing boards including K4000 and K20 Kepler architecture boards. One Dell T7500 has 1 K4000 and 2 K20 CUDA boards providing 5748 GPU cores for CUDA GP-GPU parallel computing.
  • NVIDIA 3D-Vision enabled ASUS monitors
  • 4 Panasonic HD/3D passive glasses TV's (3-47" and 1- 55")
  • An NVIDIA Quadroplex 7000 4 display graphics controller.
  • An Epson HD/3D video projector with 10' screen.
  • Several NextEngine 3D scanners.
  • A Mirametrix S2 infrared eye-tracking bar with EyeWorks and E-Prime experiment design, control and analysis software.
  • An Emotiv wireless 14 channel EEG headset.
  • A Motion Analysis 8 camera motion capture system.
  • 2 JVC HD/3D video cameras.
  • A Sony 3D HMD.
  • 3D Blu-Ray players
  • 2 55” InFocus MondoPad's over the network touchscreen collaboration and interactive graphics systems.
  • Wacom Cintiq digital design surface
  • 1 MakerBot Replicator II 3D printer
  • 3M touch-screen monitor

The Lab software

The Informatics Media Lab is associated with the 3D Animation Lab and Remote Access 3D Lab and includes all software included in those labs. We have most major 3D design and animation software as well as the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, AutoCAD suite, and MATLAB. Our primary interactive 3D platform is the Unity Pro game engine for visualization as well as serious gaming research. We also include the NVIDIA CUDA SDK and the MS Visual Studio software development suite.

Meet the Staff

Ken Chaffin
Director and Researcher - MSc. Physics/Math

Ken's primary research focuses are computational neuroscience, CUDA and DirectCompute GP-GPU parallel computing, 3D interactive real-time graphics, Unity game engine 3D simulation and visualization, virtual and immersive reality, augmented reality, scientific computing, and human-machine interaction.

Contact Ken Chaffin

Ken Chaffin

David Bennett
Lead Administrator and Researcher - MSc. Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization

David's primary research focuses are scientific visualization, 3D pedagogy and 3D motion capture.

Contact David Bennett

David Bennett

Ralph Riojas
Senior IT Support Technician

Ralph provides expert level technical support for the lab hardware, software and research projects. He also coordinates configuration management for the lab in support of the several collaborative research projects taking place concurrently in the lab.

Contact Ralph Riojas

Ralph Riojas