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Informatics Media Lab

About the Lab

Since 2012, the TTU Libraries' collaborative research lab, the Informatics Media Lab, faculty and staff have pursued research in informatics of various forms but focused on scientific visualization which has led to the study of informatics with cognitive and social aspects.

We work across these disciplines to develop and improve today's emerging technology and often with teams that incorporate faculty and students. Our projects are diverse: from finding new ways to increase collaboration and integration of the students in learning environments to inventing ways to help students with special needs; to understanding the cognitive process of learning in immersive and non-immersive environments, to name a few. We Use HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Motion Capture system, and Microsoft HoloLens for our Immersive and Non-immersive research projects. Here is the link to our current publications and research projects.

We intend to advance our research to the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning to incorporate in the Library system as well.

We seek transdisciplinary research collaborations as we pursue several of our research directions and topics. However, the IML is NOT an open access lab. If you would like to contact us to learn more about the IML or to discuss collaborative research possibilities, please contact us by email or phone call. Research proposals and initiatives should be part of some formal and structured research program through either TTU or sister institutions.

The Informatics Media Lab occupies 1000 sq.ft. of space on the 2nd Floor-East in the TTU Main Library building and is part of the Dynamic Media Services which includes the open access 3D Animation Lab established in 2007. We have most major 3D design and animation software. Our primary interactive 3D platform is the Unity Pro game engine for visualization as well as serious gaming research.

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