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Croslin Room Center

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...Exhibits, conferences, fairs, receptions, and more!


University Library East Side, Ground Floor

Croslin center in TTU library.

Room Setup & Capacity

Please read the Exhibits Information web page to learn more about different exhibit types.


Please read the Events Information web page to learn more about different event setup styles.

Regular Setups

  • Auditorium:
    • 72 seats
    • 3 catering tables
  • Classroom:
    • 45 seats
    • 15 tables (6 ft.) - 3 seats per table
    • 2-4 catering tables
  • Group:
    • 36 seats
    • 6 tables (6 ft.) - 6 seats per table
    • 2 catering tables
  • Square:
    • 28 seats
    • 4 sides - 7 seats per side
  • U-Shape:
    • 21 seats
    • 3 sides - 7 seats per side

Fair Setups


We offer a variety of audio visual equipment for you to use for your event, including: 

  • Microphones, 
  • Video Projector and Screen,
  • DVD Player,
  • Wireless PowerPoint Slide Advancer,
  • and more!

If you plan to use audio visual equipment, a TTU Library Event Technology Coordinator must be present to run the equipment. On the "Request Event Space" form, select whether or not you plan to use AV equipment. We will then check with our Technology Coordinators to see if they are available. 

Events requiring AV equipment may need to be scheduled for an alternative day or time if one of our Technology Coordinators are not available at the original time.



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