Texas Tech University

Proxy Bookmarklet

Proxy bookmarklet allows off-campus access to the full-text of an online journal article or e-book, which is subscribed to by the TTU Libraries. It automatically inserts the TTU Libraries' proxy prefix to the URL of an article/e-book, and prompts TTU eRaider authentication if needed. To use the proxy bookmarklet, you need to install it to your web browser. 

How to Install Proxy Bookmarklet

Chrome Logo Chrome

Drag and drop the link  TTU Libraries Proxy to the bookmarks bar. Chrome starts at 53 seconds in the video below.

If the bookmarks bar is hidden, click the More button at the top right (three vertical dots), then Bookmarks > Show bookmarks bar to show the bookmarks bar.

FireFox Logo FireFox

Right-click the link TTU Libraries Proxy, then select Bookmark This Link or drag and drop the link TTU Libraries Proxy to the bookmarks bar. Firefox starts at 3:00 minutes.

Safari Logo Safari

Drag and drop the link TTU Libraries Proxy to the bookmarks bar. Safari starts at 5:00 minutes but really uses the Chrome steps at 53 seconds as these are the same. 

Edge Logo Edge
Edge does not support adding a bookmarklet to Favorites. The workaround is to create a placeholder, then replace it with the TTU libraries proxy bookmarklet - check out the video below at 5:10 minutes or use the steps below:
  1. Click the star Edge Favorites at the right end of the address bar to bookmark a page as a placeholder;
  2. Click edge favorites folder to open the Favorites folder;
  3. Right-click the placeholder bookmark, select Rename to change the name to Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet;
  4. Right-click the placeholder bookmark, select Edit URL and paste the following code to replace the original URL, then hit enter to save:


To Test your Proxy Bookmarklet

Once the Proxy Bookmarklet is installed in your browser, you can use it when searching. Let's say you found something online or maybe a colleague/professor sent you a link, using the Proxy Bookmarklet will allow you to see if TTU Libraries has access to the item without having to start your search over on the library website.
To test, try this article – "Measuring Motor Skills in Finnish Children with Intellectual Disabilities", search with this title in a search engine such as google. It will find the article on a webpage, click the title to open the webpage, now try and get the PDF. This is when you are blocked or it will suggest you pay, now click the Proxy Bookmarklet in your browser, which triggers you to enter you eRaider and password. This then allows the webpage to refresh and the PDF opens, or you can now click on the PDF to open it. Congratulations! Everything worked! 

Install and Use of Proxy Bookmarklet


What if you still cannot access full text using the proxy bookmarklet?

Proxy bookmarklet may not work in the following conditions:

  • TTU Libraries does not have a subscription to the title;
  • The publisher does not support bookmarklet. 

If for some reason, the bookmarklet does not get you the full-text, you can always connect our Libraries to Google Scholar to bypass the pay wall if the Libraries subscribes to the title. Need help troubleshooting an issue, please email cynthia.henry@ttu.edu.