Texas Tech University

Fall 2018 Student Survey

This survey was a way for the Library to find out what our students need and what areas we can improve on to better serve our patrons. The questions ranged from overall satisfaction to the specifics of what services you used the most. We received 8,782 student responses. 

Overall experience rating

Table of data for user's rating of their experience with the University Libraries this semester
  Excellent Acceptable Poor Never Used/Not Applicable
Assistance from library employees 4,071 2,670 151 1,890
Materials needed for research or coursework 4,140 2,902 166 1,574
Access to digital resources when off-campus or outside the library 4,274 2,812 192 1,504
Library spaces 4,206 3,352 347 877
  • 76% of respondents rated our Library employee assistance as either excellent or acceptable.
  • Library spaces stood out as an area needing improvement as 4% of respondents rated them as fair or poor.

Redesigned website evaluation

We asked respondents to evaluate their experience using the redesigned Library website.

The information I need is easy to locate: 5850 agree, <500 disagree, <500 not sure. The site allows me to complete the tasks I need to: 5965 agree, <500 disagree, <500 not sure. The site works well on my phone and/or tablet devices: 4809 agree, <1000 disagree, <1000 not sure. The overall design is appealing: 5539 agree, <1000 disagree, <1000 not sure.
  • 86% of respondents agreed that the information they needed was easy to locate.
  • 88% agreed that the site allowed them to complete the tasks they needed to.
  • 71% agreed that the site worked well on their phone and/or tablet devices
  • 81% agreed that the overall website design was appealing.

Service use

Chart displaying Library services 2018
Table of data for user's rating of their experience with Library services (sorted by # of respondents who reported using the service at least one during the semester). 
  Excellent Acceptable Poor Never Used/Not Applicable Wasn't aware of this service
Phone charging stations 2,449 2,050 331 3,204 748
Drop-in assistance at a library service desk 2,553 1,908 126 2,493 1,702
Group study room reservation 2,371 1,974 192 3,183 1,062
Research guides 2,265 1,761 124 2,711 1,921
Events 2,087 1,626 87 3,293 1,689
Assistance via chat or text 1,987 1,509 151 2,225 2,910
Workshops or training sessions for a class 1,984 1,490 133 3,104 2,071
Scheduled assistance from the personal librarian for my major or department 2,042 1,443 113 3,061 2,123
Guest lecture by a librarian 1,949 1,404 129 2,994 2,306
Laptop checkout 1,558 1,117 112 4,570 1,425
EndNote citation manager 1,405 1,080 118 3,190 2,989
Makerspace 1,417 1,040 93 4,063 2,169
Crossroads Recording Studio 1,274 912 77 3,357 3,162

We asked students how frequently they used specific services in 2018. These are the top 3:

  1. More than 7,080 respondents (80%) used the drop-in assistance at a library service desk (e.g., circulation, research help).
  2. Over 55% of respondents used the phone charging stations.
  3. There were 4,537 students who used the group study room reservations.

We're aware that printing is a widely used service in the Library. This survey gave us insight into what you expect from printing services. Our Library Technology Support Operations are reviewing findings from this survey and other student comments related to printing with the Campus IT Division.

Chat with or text a librarian!


Nearly 40% of students were unaware that there was a chat/text  option available to access assistance from librarians. Look for the chat icon on the bottom right side of the website to start a chat session with a librarian for immediate help. The "Need Help?" menu option at the top of our website lists all the ways you can get in touch with us.  

How we communicate with you

We asked students to choose their preferred method to receive information about Library services and events. Multiple selections were allowed.

Chart displaying how you prefer to receive information about library services and events. Library website 2,745. Email updates I can subscribe to 2,427. TechAnnounce 2,054.

We'll continue to post information about upcoming events to our website and to TechAnnounce. We're also working to create a new service where you can sign up to receive email updates automatically.

You told us how we helped

We received many comments in this survey about how we made a positive difference in your studies.

  1. "I love when the Librarian's guest lecture my classes. I learn so much about resources in the world."
  2. "Love the Library. I rented out some equipment recently to record a elevator pitch to be used in an interview process I'm going through. I think it gave me a leg up on the competition because other people just used their phones. So, I got high audio visual quality to set me apart from other candidates."
  3. "The librarians are expedient and most always have my online requests for document delivery and interlibrary loans readily available in a short time, and the online request service is easy to use."
  4. "Very well run department, always exceeds my expectations."
  5. "I really enjoy studying at the University Library. There are many different places. You can study alone on a quiet floor or meet with a group on the ground floor or basement. It is my favorite place to study."

As you can see, your Library is dedicated to helping you be as successful as possible by giving you assistance and access to necessary information, materials, and services. 

*Data collected by Texas Tech University Institutional Research in Fall 2018 using Qualtrics. We received 8,782 student responses to the Library portion of the survey.