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Library Improvements - 2017

You asked. We delivered. Here's what we did in 2017!

Survey responses Related improvements

"I wish there were more study rooms for groups."

  • We added 27 new group study rooms in September. 

    Students made over 6,200 room reservations during Fall 2017.
  • We also opened Library Lab 150 and the TLPDC lobby for study during evening and overnight hours.

"It would be great if y'all had white boards everywhere."

  • We now offer 10 rolling whiteboards available for checkout.
  • We installed 18 interactive, online whiteboards in study rooms.

"Need more color printers."

"I wish that printing was easier."

  •  We relocated 2 printing stations to new areas — one in the Library basement and one on the ground floor near the entrance and service desk. We added 2 color printers on the ground floor.
  • Libraries' IT is collaborating with the campus IT Division to review the campus printing solution.

    People printed over 1.1 million pages at the Library's WEPA stations.

 "I feel the website could use a rework to make it more user friendly."

  •  We launched a redesigned website in August. The new website makes it easier to find most-used services, tools and information right from the homepage.
  • The updated design is consistent with university webpages and is mobile-friendly. We're continuing to gather feedback and make improvements.

    The new website received over 530,000 views during Fall 2017.

 "It is hard for me to find a quiet space to study or do homework."

  • We posted signs about quiet study areas around the building. Staff are monitoring noise levels and responding when complaints are made.
  • We handed out more than 200 pairs of earplugs during fall semester finals. #NoDecibelDrama

 You rated "modern equipment that lets me easily access needed information" as a most-desired need.

  • We replaced computers on the ground floor and upgraded PCs to Windows 10.

    Laptop checkouts topped 9,500 in 2017.

Source: Selected quotes and survey question from TTU Library User Survey 2017 (LibQUAL+); WEPA usage statistics, Aug. 2016–July 2017; Google Analytics, Aug. 14, 2017–Dec. 13, 2017.

DONORS made a difference

Study room renovations and whiteboard installations were made possible by the Coach Bob Knight Basketball Library Fund.

These other projects were recently funded by generous donations to the Libraries:

Donor funding support Donation impact
  • $6,000 for SMART kapp 42" Interactive Whiteboards*
  • $4,325 for cell phone charging stations*
  • $2,500 for Digital Media Studio equipment*
  • $40,663 for anatomy models

    * Special thanks to Todd and Linda Smith for these donations, plus $10,000 for anatomy models, in honor of their daughter Shannon Smith, Rawls College of Business class of 2010.
  • Digital Media Studio checkouts totaled 247,420 in 2017. That's a lot of cameras, tripods, and projectors!
  • Anatomy models and skeletons were checked out more than 6,400 times.

More improvements planned

  • Consulting architects presented a multi-phase renovation proposal to enhance the Library building with infrastructure improvements, additional seating, new furniture, and a 5-story addition.

  • We've consolidated collections and are clearing shelving in the basement to free up additional space.

  • The OneSearch discovery and search tool will offer a new feature that recommends databases and resources that might interest you.

  • We're enhancing our website's homepage to make it easier to navigate and more mobile-friendly.


Your opinion matters. Thank you for your involvement. Learn about our research findings.

  • Survey responses: 3,934

  • Space assessment participants: 732

  • Website usability and A/B testers: 138

  • Library Student Advisory Board members: 25

As a thank you, we gave away:

  • $600 in gift cards

  • an iPad mini

  • and 37 pizzas!

It's never an individual in libraries—it's always a team. We're working to improve your experience at the Libraries, and we'd like to hear from you. Your feedback is important to us and impacts decisions we make about Library services, spaces, and resources. Please send your comments and suggestions to libraries.ux@ttu.edu.