Texas Tech University

Love Letters to Your Library 2019


From February 10–15, 2019, we invited everyone who passed by to write a personal note telling us how they feel about the Library. They could write a "love letter" telling us what they love or a "breakup letter" telling us what they don't. We received about 350 responses.

Wall of Letters to the Library - paper wall with hearts that contain suggestions and compliments about the library

We set up a standing wall in the Croslin Room where people could post their handwritten notes along with a "mailbox" for them to put their letters in. Students and faculty in the College of Architecture had the option to leave a letter in the Architecture Library. We also provided a link on the Library website for people to participate online.

Library employee sitting at the Love Letters to Your Library table Photo credit: Ryan Burns

The Libraries' User Experience department transcribed the letters and organized them by "Comment Type"—compliments, concerns, or suggestions. Some letters had more than one type of comment.

 Chart displaying Letter to Your Library comments 2019

We also categorized each response by a topic and, if applicable, a sub-topic. Many letters are related to multiple different topics.

 Chart displaying the most talked about comments 2019

Of several topics and sub-topics, the following were the most talked-about:

  • General Library (very general comments about the Library, e.g., "It's good."): 38% of all comments
  • Environment (comments about the sense of community, general experience, ambience, feel, atmosphere, temperature)
  • Noise
  • Customer Service
  • Hours
  • Books
  • Food and Drink
  • Outlets

We heard a lot of things that you enjoy about our library:

  • "Thank you for making a safe and productive work space for me over the years <3"
  • "The library is a great way to study. There are a lot of features for science that I can learn with."
  • "I love that the Library is quiet and it has every floor catered for someone studying."
  • "I <3 Document Delivery and requesting book chapters!"
  • "Wonderful and helpful staff at all hours!"

We also heard some issues for us to work on: 

  • "We can't park on campus until 8. It's really bad. 5 or 6 would be better."
  • "I dislike there are no microwaves :("
  • "Wifi in the middle stacks could be way better. :("
  • "We should advertise the librarians more!! People don't know about them."
  • "I don't like the old computers in the library."
  • "Study carrels make me sad and unmotivated."

The Library is always looking for ways to improve, so thank you for helping us by sharing your thoughts and opinions. We appreciate and value your input.