Texas Tech University

UX Café

UX Café is a weekly pop-up café in the Library, where we exchange coffee and snacks in return for your input on some specific feature or process here at the TTU Libraries. UX Café is a popular idea we borrowed from the University of Arizona Libraries, who borrowed it from the University of Houston Libraries and from Penn State University Libraries.

We value your input every week because without it we are simply guessing at what is working well and what is not!

Testing days and times will be updated at the start of the Fall 2020 semester.

List of UX Café Reports

These reports are 1 page summaries of the results from each café as well as the outcomes of that research. It is important that we document the work-in-progress parts of our services so that you can see for yourself how we are improving the library! 

Topic Semester Report
OneSearch  Fall 2018 OneSearch Fall 2018 Report
WEPA Printing Spring 2019 WEPA Printing Spring 2019 Report
Website - Parking Page  Spring 2019 Parking Page Spring 2019 Report
Website - Student Employment Spring 2019 Student Employment Spring 2019 Report
Website - Event & Exhibit Spaces Spring 2019 Event & Exhibit Spaces Spring 2019 Report
Study Room Reservation System Spring 2019 Study Room Reservation System Spring 2019 Report
Library Proxy Bookmarklet Fall 2019 Library Proxy Bookmarklet Fall 2019 Report

Explanation of Common Terms

  • Survey: a survey is a short list of questions that the participant answers (answerable in under 10 minutes). Typically questions have pre-determined answers that participants choose from, but sometimes questions will be "open-ended" where the participants can enter their own answers.
  • Interview: an interview is where we (the moderators) ask the participants questions to better understand their experiences using a product, process, or system. Typical interviews consist of a short list of predefined questions, but in our interviews we can ask non-scripted questions to follow-up on something that the participant said.
  • Task: a task is where we give the participant a scenario and ask them to achieve a goal related to that scenario. Participants get to choose how they achieve that goal, but sometimes we will ask participants to use specific tools or apps to complete the task.