Summer I, 2020

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MATH 1300-102Contemporary Math20401ONLINMTWRF 1000-1150Devage Dona, Dulanjalee 4537
MATH 1320-103College Algebra20406ONLINMTWRF 1200-1350Rathnayake, Kusal 4541
MATH 1330-103Intro Math Analysis20417ONLINMTWRF 1200-1350Liang, Chuan 4745
MATH 1331-103Intro Math Analysis32137ONLINMTWRF 1200-1350Perera, Dewamullage Chathuri 4846
MATH 1451-101Calculus I with Applications34040ONLINMTWR 0800-1050Hossain, Md Sakhawat 4524
MATH 1452-101Calculus II w/ Applications34046ONLINMTWR 0800-1050Pinto Jayawardena, Hettiarachchige Sithma 4527
MATH 2300-102Statistical Methods20434ONLINMTWRF 1000-1150Herath Mudiyanselage, Ruwani Rasanjali 4539
MATH 2300-103Statistical Methods20435ONLINMTWRF 1200-1350Dassanayake, Isuru Dilan 4537
MATH 2360-102Linear Algebra34059ONLINMTWRF 1400-1550Iyer, Ram 4527
MATH 2450-101Calculus III w/ Applications34051ONLINMTWR 0800-1050Rana, Md Masud 4528
MATH 3310-101Intro To Proof26751ONLINMTWRF 1200-1350Nguyen, Phuong 4542
MATH 3342-102Math Stats For Engineers/Scien20439ONLINMTWRF 0800-0950Surles, James 4529
MATH 3350-102Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I20441ONLINMTWRF 1000-1150Rahman, Aminur 4545
MATH 3354-101Differential Equations I38922ONLINMTWRF 0800-0950Grady, Daniel 4520
MATH 4000-101Selected Topics36184ONLIN -Ibraguimov, Akif 96Selected Topics: Kolmogorov algorithm for deep learning and related topics from advance calculus
MATH 4000-102Selected Topics36185ONLIN -Toda, Magdalena 51Selected Topics: Partial Differential Equations
MATH 4330-101Mathematical Computing38923ONLINMTWRF 1000-1150Monico, Christopher 3030
MATH 4350-101Adv Calculus I38379ONLINMTWRF 0800-0950Nguyen, Phuong 3018
MATH 5099-111Individual Study36152ONLIN -Aulisa, Eugenio 51Individual Study: Principle of Fluid Mechanics
MATH 5099-112Individual Study36153ONLIN -Ibraguimov, Akif 51Individual Study: Topics in Non-linear Partial Differential Equations
MATH 5099-113Individual Study36154ONLIN -Volchenkov, Dimitri 51Individual Study: Coin tossing model distribution and non-Gaussian statistics.
MATH 5099-114Individual Study36155ONLIN -Wang, Chunmei 51Individual Study: Primal Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method -Analysis
MATH 5099-115Individual Study36156ONLIN -Jang, Ruey-Jen 50Individual Study: Mathematical Modeling of Cancer-Immune Interactions III
MATH 5099-116Individual Study36157ONLIN -Zhang, Fangyuan 52Individual Study: Statistical Genetics
MATH 5099-117Individual Study38138ONLIN -Christensen, Lars 51Individual Study: Introduction to Commutative Algebra I
MATH 5099-118Individual Study38139ONLIN -Ellingson, Leif 51Individual Study: Advanced Topics in Multivariate Analysis
MATH 5099-119Individual Study38140ONLIN -Yamazaki, Kazuo 51Individual Study: Navier-Stokes and related problems
MATH 5099-120Individual Study38141ONLIN -Zhang, Fangyuan 51Individual Study: Applied Statistics
MATH 5099-121Individual Study38142ONLIN -Trindade, Adao 51Individual Study: Modeling Sparse Vector Auto Regressive Moving Averages
MATH 5099-122Individual Study38227ONLIN -Zhang, Fangyuan 51Individual Study: Primary Biliary Cirrhosis data set
MATH 5099-123Individual Study38228ONLIN -Lu, Tao 51Individual Study: Structural Equation Modeling
MATH 5099-124Individual Study38229ONLIN -Howle, Victoria 11Individual Study: Developing Machine Learning algorithms for carbon-based adsorbents design
MATH 5099-125Individual Study38230ONLIN -Zhang, Wenjing 52Individual Study: Bifurcation Analysis with the Application in Mathematical Biology II
MATH 5099-126Individual Study38231ONLIN -Ibraguimov, Akif 51Individual Study: Time-space virus-human competition evaluation 1
MATH 5099-127Individual Study38232ONLIN -Ibraguimov, Akif 50Individual Study: System With Distributed Parameters and Modeling of Virus Spread
MATH 5099-128Individual Study38296ONLIN -Surles, James 51Individual Study: Reliability and Survival Analysis
MATH 5099-129Individual Study38836ONLIN -Ellingson, Leif 51Individual Study: Effects of Partisan Polarization on Polling
MATH 5099-130Individual Study38837ONLIN -Bornia, Giorgio 51Individual Study: Scientific Computing
MATH 5099-131Individual Study38838ONLIN -Padgett, Joshua 51Individual Study: Numerical methods for fractional-order nonlinear PDEs 1
MATH 5099-132Individual Study38839ONLIN -Ibraguimov, Akif 50Individual Study: Non-linear Parabolic Differential Equation and Kolmogorov Representation Theorem
MATH 5099-133Individual Study38840ONLIN -Monico, Christopher 51Individual Study: Advanced Linear Algebra
MATH 5099-134Individual Study38841ONLIN -Lee, Jeffrey 51Individual Study: Introduction to Smooth Manifolds
MATH 5099-135Individual Study38842ONLIN -Howle, Victoria 51Individual Study: Preconditioning with Machine Learning Application 1
MATH 5099-140Individual Study73552ONLIN -Ellingson, Leif 53Individual Study: Foundations of Statistical Image Analysis
MATH 5364-D01Computer Lit/Prgrm I73085ONLIN -Padgett, Joshua 3017Computer Literacy and Programming I
MATH 6000-102Master's Thesis35623ONLIN -Ibraguimov, Akif 21
MATH 6310-101Master's Report35631ONLIN -Toda, Magdalena 31
MATH 6310-103Master's Report35633ONLIN -Monico, Christopher 50
MATH 7000-101Research36148ONLIN -Toda, Magdalena 51Research: Cartan Forms and Lie Theory for Minimal Surfaces
MATH 7000-102Research36149ONLIN -Long, Katharine 51Research: Preconditioning for IRK Systems 1
MATH 7000-103Research38226ONLIN -Ellingson, Leif 51Research: Linex regression method
MATH 8000-112Doctor's Dissertation36158ONLIN -Rachev, Svetlozar 51
MATH 8000-113Doctor's Dissertation36159ONLIN -Trindade, Adao 52
MATH 8000-114Doctor's Dissertation36160ONLIN -Toda, Magdalena 51
MATH 8000-115Doctor's Dissertation36212ONLIN -Trindade, Adao 51
MATH 8000-116Doctor's Dissertation36213ONLIN -Jang, Ruey-Jen 51
MATH 8000-117Doctor's Dissertation36215ONLIN -Zhang, Fangyuan 54
MATH 8000-118Doctor's Dissertation36216ONLIN -Volchenkov, Dimitri 51
MATH 8000-120Doctor's Dissertation37143ONLIN -Peace, Angela 51
MATH 8000-121Doctor's Dissertation37144ONLIN -Howle, Victoria 51
MATH 8000-122Doctor's Dissertation37145ONLIN -Iyer, Ram 51
MATH 8000-123Doctor's Dissertation37146ONLIN -Ghosh, Bijoy 50
MATH 8000-124Doctor's Dissertation38143ONLIN -Rachev, Svetlozar 50
STAT 6310-100Master's Report38808ONLIN -Zhang, Fangyuan 31

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