Summer II, 2020

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MATH 1300-201Contemporary Math60207ONLINMTWRF 0800-0950Rahman, Mohammad Mahabubur 4518
MATH 1320-202College Algebra60210ONLINMTWRF 1000-1150Chowdhury, Mohammad Mihrab Uddin 4538
MATH 1331-202Intro Math Analysis60217ONLINMTWRF 1000-1150Gonapeenuwala Vithana, Rohana Kumara 4542
MATH 1451-202Calculus I with Applications67171ONLINMTWR 1100-1350Akram, Md Wasim 4530
MATH 1452-202Calculus II w/ Applications67174ONLINMTWR 1100-1350Atampalage, Madusha Dilhani C 4522
MATH 2300-202Statistical Methods60239ONLINMTWRF 1000-1150Khyat, Toufik 4524
MATH 2300-203Statistical Methods65761ONLINMTWRF 1200-1350Dassanayaka Mudiyanselage, Sachith Eranga 4530
MATH 2345-201Intro Stats - Appl To Business68807ONLINMTWRF 1200-1350Dao, Mai Huynh Phuong 4746
MATH 2360-202Linear Algebra60243ONLINMTWRF 1000-1150Belhad, Ahmed 4637
MATH 2450-202Calculus III w/ Applications67181ONLINMTWR 1100-1350Pena, Stephen 4537
MATH 3342-203Math Stats For Engineers/Scien60245ONLINMTWRF 1200-1350Lee, Jeffrey 4534
MATH 3350-202Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I63185ONLINMTWRF 1000-1150Wang, Xiaochang 4541
MATH 3360-201Foundations Of Algebra I62240ONLINMTWRF 0800-0950Hamilton, Alastair 4018
MATH 4000-201Selected Topics61091ONLIN -Toda, Magdalena 10Selected Topics: Advanced topics in Geometry
MATH 4354-201Differential Equation II70721ONLINMTWRF 1200-1350Athukorallage, Bhagya 4643
MATH 5099-201Individual Study67934ONLIN -Aulisa, Eugenio 21Individual Study: Introduction to Cardiovascular Mechanics
MATH 5099-202Individual Study67935ONLIN -Iyer, Ram 52Individual Study: Optimization in Banach spaces
MATH 5099-203Individual Study67936ONLIN -Wang, Chunmei 51Individual Study: Primal Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method -MATLAB Coding
MATH 5099-204Individual Study67937ONLIN -Ellingson, Leif 53Individual Study: Recent Advances in Statistical Shape Analysis
MATH 5099-205Individual Study68395ONLIN -Jang, Ruey-Jen 51Individual Study: Mathematical Modeling of Cancer-Immune Interactions IV
MATH 5099-206Individual Study67999ONLIN -Zhang, Fangyuan 52Individual Study: Statistical Genetics
MATH 5099-207Individual Study68000ONLIN -Christensen, Lars 51Individual Study: Introduction to Commutative Algebra II
MATH 5099-208Individual Study68001ONLIN -Yamazaki, Kazuo 51Individual Study: Deterministic and stochastic approach to fluid dynamics
MATH 5099-209Individual Study68002ONLIN -Lu, Tao 51Individual Study: Bayesian Variable Selections
MATH 5099-210Individual Study68003ONLIN -Howle, Victoria 51Individual Study: Developing Machine Learning algorithms for air-pollution policies determination
MATH 5099-211Individual Study68948ONLIN -Ibraguimov, Akif 51Individual Study: Time-space virus-human competition evaluation 2
MATH 5099-212Individual Study68949ONLIN -Padgett, Joshua 41Individual Study: Numerical methods for fractional-order nonlinear PDEs 2
MATH 5099-213Individual Study68396ONLIN -Bornia, Giorgio 51Individual Study: Computational Mechanics
MATH 5099-214Individual Study68950ONLIN -Howle, Victoria 51Individual Study: Preconditioning with Machine Learning Application 2
MATH 5099-215Individual Study69660ONLIN -Ibraguimov, Akif 20Individual Study: Long time asymptotic of non-degenerate non-linear diffusive equations
MATH 5365-D01Computer Lit/Prgrm II73084ONLIN -Padgett, Joshua 3015Computer Literacy and Programming II
MATH 6000-201Master's Thesis61265ONLIN -Ibraguimov, Akif 51
MATH 6000-202Master's Thesis68630ONLIN -Ellingson, Leif 51
MATH 6310-201Master's Report68634ONLIN -Monico, Christopher 50
MATH 7000-201Research68829ONLIN -Toda, Magdalena 51Research: Constructing Minimal Surfaces
MATH 7000-202Research68830ONLIN -Long, Katharine 51Research: Preconditioning for IRK Systems 2
MATH 7000-203Research70621ONLIN -Ellingson, Leif 51Research: Cross validation of Linex loss function
MATH 8000-201Doctor's Dissertation61278ONLIN -Rachev, Svetlozar 52
MATH 8000-202Doctor's Dissertation61279ONLIN -Trindade, Adao 53
MATH 8000-203Doctor's Dissertation61280ONLIN -Toda, Magdalena 51
MATH 8000-204Doctor's Dissertation61281ONLIN -Jang, Ruey-Jen 51
MATH 8000-205Doctor's Dissertation68691ONLIN -Zhang, Fangyuan 54
MATH 8000-206Doctor's Dissertation68692ONLIN -Volchenkov, Dimitri 52
MATH 8000-207Doctor's Dissertation68791ONLIN -Peace, Angela 50
MATH 8000-208Doctor's Dissertation68792ONLIN -Howle, Victoria 51
STAT 5376-201Adv Statistical Methods68394ONLINMTWRF 1400-1550Rachev, Svetlozar 205Advanced Statistical Methods: Mathematics of High-Frequency Finance
STAT 6000-201Master's Thesis68366ONLIN -Surles, James 100
STAT 6310-201Master's Report68369ONLIN -Surles, James 51

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