2021 Fall

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MATH 1300-021Contemporary Math12307Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in HOLDEN 075, capacity: 75Esebre, Sunday 6060
MATH 1300-022Contemporary Math12313Face to FaceTR:1530-1650 in HUMSCI 063, capacity: 60Esebre, Sunday 6059
MATH 1300-111Contemporary Math12280Face to FaceMWF:0900-0950 in AGRI 214, capacity: 191Verdooren, Emilio 110108
MATH 1300-112Contemporary Math12330Face to FaceMWF:1300-1350 in BIOL 100, capacity: 462Volchenkov, Ludmilla 300272
MATH 1300-121Contemporary Math12319Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in MATH 112, capacity: 54Clines, Michael 5454
MATH 1300-122Contemporary Math12301Face to FaceTR:1230-1350 in HOLDEN 004, capacity: 68Rathnayake, Kusal 6867
MATH 1300-D01Contemporary Math35076OnlineMWF:1300-1350 Volchenkov, Ludmilla 3131
MATH 1320-011College Algebra12517Face to FaceMWF:1100-1150 in LVRMRC 101, capacity: 106Surowiec, Malgorzata 106106
MATH 1320-112College Algebra12445Face to FaceMWF:1000-1050 in HOLDEN 077, capacity: 109Athukorallage, Bhagya 109109
MATH 1320-113College Algebra12477Face to FaceMWF:1200-1250 in HUMSCI 169, capacity: 197Rahman, Mohammad Mahabubur 134134
MATH 1320-114College Algebra12454Face to FaceMWF:1300-1350 in HOLDEN 104, capacity: 275Thee, Amy 131129
MATH 1320-117College Algebra12512Face to FaceMWF:1700-1750 in SCIENC 007, capacity: 188Ambegoda Liyanage, Thushadi Prathibha Ambegoda 130129
MATH 1320-121College Algebra32275Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in HOLDEN 004, capacity: 68Williams, Michael 6868
MATH 1320-123College Algebra12586Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in MCOM 053, capacity: 55Athukorallage, Bhagya 5555
MATH 1320-124College Algebra24787Face to FaceTR:1700-1820 in MCOM 075, capacity: 112Rani, Aman 112110
MATH 1320-D01College Algebra27834OnlineTR:1100-1220 Surowiec, Malgorzata 470467
MATH 1321-002Trigonometry12666Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in HOLDEN 006, capacity: 50Schovanec, Patricia 5050
MATH 1321-004Trigonometry12675Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in BIOL 101, capacity: 144Schovanec, Patricia 144136
MATH 1321-D01Trigonometry37851OnlineTR:0930-1050 Tabassum, Nusrat 110106
MATH 1330-011Intro Math Analysis12756Face to FaceMWF:1000-1050 in ENGPHL 001, capacity: 197Erwin, Brock 197197
MATH 1330-012Intro Math Analysis12785Face to FaceMWF:1100-1150 in ENGPHL 001, capacity: 197Francese, James 130129
MATH 1330-016Intro Math Analysis12776Face to FaceMWF:1300-1350 in HOLDEN 150, capacity: 169Erwin, Brock 169169
MATH 1330-021Intro Math Analysis12863Face to FaceTR:0800-0920 in ENGPHL 001, capacity: 197Pinto Jayawardena, Hettiarachchige Sithma 130129
MATH 1330-023Intro Math Analysis44457Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in HUMSCI 212, capacity: 48Wang, Xiaochang , Instructor: Perez, Tony 4848
MATH 1330-024Intro Math Analysis44458Face to FaceTR:1230-1350 in ENGCTR 205, capacity: 38Madiwala Liyanage, Dananjani Madhushika Perera 3837
MATH 1330-025Intro Math Analysis44459Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in HOLDEN 104, capacity: 275Erwin, Brock 275274
MATH 1330-114Intro Math Analysis41993Face to FaceMWF:1200-1250 in BIOL 100, capacity: 462Erwin, Brock 230229
MATH 1330-121Intro Math Analysis12826Face to FaceTR:0930-1055 in CHEM 025, capacity: 90Hridoy, Md Mahmudul Bari 8786
MATH 1330-122Intro Math Analysis12834Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in HOLDEN 121, capacity: 46Hridoy, Md Mahmudul Bari 4646
MATH 1330-124Intro Math Analysis32284Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in HOLDEN 121, capacity: 46Wang, Xiaochang , Instructor: Perez, Tony 4646
MATH 1330-125Intro Math Analysis12872Face to FaceTR:1530-1650 in CHEM 049, capacity: 305Williams, Margaret 305303
MATH 1330-D01Intro Math Analysis27841OnlineTR:1230-1350 Madiwala Liyanage, Dananjani Madhushika Perera 9590
MATH 1331-011Intro Math Analysis12918Face to FaceMWF:1100-1150 in AGRI 308, capacity: 49Cabello, Jose 4948
MATH 1331-012Intro Math Analysis12912Face to FaceMWF:1200-1250 in MES 205, capacity: 74Rejuan, Rifat 6058
MATH 1331-021Intro Math Analysis12994Face to FaceTR:1230-1350 in HOLDEN 128, capacity: 60Long, Cole 6060
MATH 1331-022Intro Math Analysis12940Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in MCOM 083, capacity: 65Williams, Margaret 6060
MATH 1331-111Intro Math Analysis32286Face to FaceMWF:1000-1050 in HOLDEN 004, capacity: 68Cabello, Jose 6058
MATH 1331-112Intro Math Analysis12929Face to FaceMWF:1400-1450 in HOLDEN 075, capacity: 75Rejuan, Rifat 6060
MATH 1331-113Intro Math Analysis44809Face to FaceMWF:1600-1650 in ELECE 101, capacity: 125Chen, Fang 12032
MATH 1331-121Intro Math Analysis13000Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in MATH 112, capacity: 54Long, Cole 5454
MATH 1331-122Intro Math Analysis32287Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in ENGPHL 163, capacity: 50Springfield, Mason 4847
MATH 1331-D01Intro Math Analysis27843OnlineTR:1100-1220 Mills, Casey 130130
MATH 1350-001Analytical Geometry30822Face to FaceTR:0800-0920 in TFPETR 110, capacity: 157Williams, Margaret 8062
MATH 1451-011Calculus I with Applications29361Face to FaceMWF:1030-1145 in MATH 114, capacity: 48Pena, Stephen 4848
MATH 1451-012Calculus I with Applications29368Face to FaceMWF:1330-1445 in MATH 014, capacity: 45Islam, Rahnuma 4544
MATH 1451-013Calculus I with Applications29369Face to FaceMWF:1500-1615 in MATH 016, capacity: 46Chowdhury, Mohammad Mihrab Uddin 4646
MATH 1451-014Calculus I with Applications29363Face to FaceMWF:1130-1245 in MATH 016, capacity: 46Islam, Rahnuma 4645
MATH 1451-021Calculus I with Applications29365Face to FaceTR:1200-1350 in MATH 016, capacity: 46Hardesty, Alexis 4646
MATH 1451-022Calculus I with Applications29371Face to FaceTR:1700-1850 in HOLDEN 077, capacity: 109Garli Hevage, Isanka 109107
MATH 1451-112Calculus I with Applications29357Face to FaceMWF:0900-1015 in MATH 112, capacity: 54Pena, Stephen 5454
MATH 1451-115Calculus I with Applications29360Face to FaceMWF:1200-1315 in BIOL 021, capacity: 58Yillah, Abubakarr 5858
MATH 1451-116Calculus I with Applications41989Face to FaceMWF:1330-1445 in MATH 114, capacity: 48Yillah, Abubakarr 4848
MATH 1451-117Calculus I with Applications43110Face to FaceMWF:1230-1345 in MATH 111, capacity: 49Chowdhury, Mohammad Mihrab Uddin 4949
MATH 1451-121Calculus I with Applications29366Face to FaceTR:0930-1120 in AGED 102, capacity: 134Balasuriya, Balasuriya Mudiyanselage 134134
MATH 1451-122Calculus I with Applications29364Face to FaceTR:1100-1250 in AFS 102A, capacity: 38Gonapeenuwala Vithana, Rohana Kumara 3837
MATH 1451-123Calculus I with Applications29370Face to FaceTR:1300-1450 in MCOM 266, capacity: 44Gonapeenuwala Vithana, Rohana Kumara 4444
MATH 1451-124Calculus I with Applications41988Face to FaceTR:1400-1550 in MATH 014, capacity: 45Hardesty, Alexis 4545
MATH 1451-D01Calculus I with Applications29375OnlineMW:1230-1420 Nunez, Yancy 230221
MATH 1451-H01Calculus I with Applications29411Face to FaceMWF:0900-1015 in MATH 010, capacity: 39Schovanec, Patricia 2525Honors
MATH 1451-H02Calculus I with Applications29412Face to FaceTR:0930-1120 in MATH 011, capacity: 48Nunez, Yancy 2121Honors
MATH 1452-012Calculus II w/ Applications29387Face to FaceMWF:1000-1115 in MATH 111, capacity: 49Heenatigala, Shadi 4948
MATH 1452-015Calculus II w/ Applications44454Face to FaceMWF:1200-1315 in SCIENC 010, capacity: 47Heenatigala, Shadi 4747
MATH 1452-016Calculus II w/ Applications44455Face to FaceMWF:1100-1215 in BAYERS 109, capacity: 48Ozturk, Ozkan 4847
MATH 1452-017Calculus II w/ Applications44456Face to FaceMWF:1300-1415 in MATH 016, capacity: 46Ozturk, Ozkan 4646
MATH 1452-022Calculus II w/ Applications29382Face to FaceTR:1700-1850 in SCIENC 007, capacity: 188Don Gammanpila, Himali Dilrukshani 9085
MATH 1452-111Calculus II w/ Applications29380Face to FaceMWF:0900-1015 in HOLDEN 006, capacity: 50Ozturk, Ozkan 5050
MATH 1452-121Calculus II w/ Applications29385Face to FaceTR:0930-1120 in ENGCTR 110, capacity: 36Ghosh, Bijoy 3635
MATH 1452-122Calculus II w/ Applications29384Face to FaceTR:1400-1550 in MATH 112, capacity: 54Ghosh, Bijoy 5453
MATH 1452-D01Calculus II w/ Applications29390OnlineTR:1700-1850 Tran, Hung 8565
MATH 1452-H01Calculus II w/ Applications29573Face to FaceMWF:1030-1145 in MATH 011, capacity: 48Schovanec, Patricia 2524Honors
MATH 1550-004Precalculus13743Face to FaceMTWRF:1600-1650 in HOLDEN 150, capacity: 169Barry, Eileen , Secondary Instructor: Race, Danae Nicole133128
MATH 1550-007Precalculus13761Face to FaceMWF:0800-0850 in ENGPHL 001, capacity: 197 & TR:0800-0850 in MCOM 067, capacity: 218James, Kohl , Secondary Instructor: Divelgama, Bhathiya133129
MATH 1550-010Precalculus32291Face to FaceMW:1400-1450 in BIOL 100, capacity: 462 & TR:1400-1520 in HUMSCI 169, capacity: 197Williams, Michael 197195
MATH 2300-012Statistical Methods13819Face to FaceMWF:1100-1150 in AGRI 214, capacity: 191Perera, Dewamullage Chathuri 135133
MATH 2300-013Statistical Methods44447Face to FaceMWF:1300-1350 in CHEM 107, capacity: 194Chakroborty, Sajal 135134
MATH 2300-021Statistical Methods13817Face to FaceTR:1700-1820 in MCOM 359, capacity: 150Rajapaksha Pathiranage Dona, Charu Sameera Devindi 135135
MATH 2300-024Statistical Methods44451Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in HUMSCI 226, capacity: 112Jayasinghe, Jayasinghe Mudiyanselage 112111
MATH 2300-111Statistical Methods13791Face to FaceMWF:0800-0850 in AGED 102, capacity: 134Edirisinghe Arachchige, Chathuri Thusharika Sandamali 135132
MATH 2300-112Statistical Methods13810Face to FaceMWF:0900-0950 in HUMSCI 169, capacity: 197Devage Dona, Dulanjalee 135135
MATH 2300-113Statistical Methods13802Face to FaceMWF:1000-1050 in MCOM 083, capacity: 65Dassanayaka Mudiyanselage, Sachith Eranga 6564
MATH 2300-114Statistical Methods13793Face to FaceMWF:1100-1150 in HOLDEN 004, capacity: 68Hu, Yuan 6868
MATH 2300-115Statistical Methods32618Face to FaceMWF:1200-1250 in HOLDEN 075, capacity: 75Cheng, Yawei 7575
MATH 2300-117Statistical Methods13822Face to FaceMWF:1400-1450 in CHEM 101, capacity: 69Dassanayaka Mudiyanselage, Sachith Eranga 6969
MATH 2300-118Statistical Methods13800Face to FaceMWF:1500-1550 in MCOM 359, capacity: 150Weng, Hong Bin 135133
MATH 2300-121Statistical Methods13837Face to FaceTR:0800-0920 in MCOM 359, capacity: 150Ma, Zhuanzhuan 135134
MATH 2300-122Statistical Methods13841Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in HOLDEN 006, capacity: 50Herath Mudiyanselage, Ruwani Rasanjali 5049
MATH 2300-123Statistical Methods13845Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in HOLDEN 004, capacity: 68Herath Mudiyanselage, Ruwani Rasanjali 6867
MATH 2300-124Statistical Methods13831Face to FaceTR:1230-1350 in HOLDEN 005, capacity: 71Kalanchige, Himali Sakunthala 7171
MATH 2300-125Statistical Methods13848Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in MCOM 055, capacity: 56Kalanchige, Himali Sakunthala 5655
MATH 2300-126Statistical Methods43356Face to FaceTR:1530-1650 in HOLDEN 076, capacity: 111Rachev, Svetlozar 111109
MATH 2300-D01Statistical Methods27850OnlineMWF:1000-1050 Ema, Jannatul Ferdous 135134
MATH 2300-D02Statistical Methods43998OnlineTR:1100-1220 Hossain, Md Sakhawat 135133
MATH 2300-H01Statistical Methods32628Face to FaceMWF:1100-1150 in MATH 012, capacity: 35Ellingson, Leif 2020Honors First Year Experience
MATH 2345-002Intro Stats - Appl To Business13865Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in MATH 110, capacity: 49Ilandari Dewage, Indika Gihan Gunawardana 4949
MATH 2345-003Intro Stats - Appl To Business13863Face to FaceMWF:1400-1450 in MCOM 281, capacity: 444Wang, Jennifer 220215
MATH 2345-004Intro Stats - Appl To Business38253Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in BIOL 023, capacity: 55Ilandari Dewage, Indika Gihan Gunawardana 5553
MATH 2345-005Intro Stats - Appl To Business36924Face to FaceMWF:1500-1550 in HOLDEN 150, capacity: 169Wang, Jennifer 120117
MATH 2345-006Intro Stats - Appl To Business44441Face to FaceTR:0800-0920 in HOLDEN 104, capacity: 275Imiya Mohottige, Lakmini Nadeesha Jayaweera 120120
MATH 2345-013Intro Stats - Appl To Business44446Face to FaceMWF:1400-1450 in SCIENC 007, capacity: 188Mostafa, G M Fahad Bin 120117
MATH 2345-D01Intro Stats - Appl To Business13866OnlineBailey, Jason 5555
MATH 2360-012Linear Algebra36551Face to FaceMWF:1200-1250 in MATH 114, capacity: 48Gelca, Razvan 4545
MATH 2360-013Linear Algebra13900Face to FaceMWF:1400-1450 in HOLDEN 152, capacity: 47Volchenkov, Dimitri 4536
MATH 2360-021Linear Algebra32302Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in CMLL 105, capacity: 90Moore, Nicholas 5050
MATH 2360-022Linear Algebra13907Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in BIOL 021, capacity: 58Iyer, Ram 4545
MATH 2360-D01Linear Algebra27855OnlineTR:1100-1220 Moore, Nicholas 6060
MATH 2360-D02Linear Algebra44953OnlineMWF:1000-1050 Drager, Lance 4646
MATH 2360-H01Linear Algebra15055Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in HOLDEN 028, capacity: 41Bornia, Giorgio 2422Honors
MATH 2370-D01Elementary Analysis I37628OnlineLiang, Chuan 110110
MATH 2371-D01Elementary Analysis II40814OnlineMW:1730-1850 Liang, Chuan 4028
MATH 2450-011Calculus III w/ Applications29397Face to FaceMWF:0900-1015 in HOLDEN 121, capacity: 46Hoang, Luan 4644
MATH 2450-012Calculus III w/ Applications29404Face to FaceMWF:1000-1115 in HOLDEN 111, capacity: 40Efraimidis, Iason 4040
MATH 2450-013Calculus III w/ Applications29399Face to FaceMWF:1030-1145 in MATH 110, capacity: 49Hoang, Luan 4949
MATH 2450-014Calculus III w/ Applications29403Face to FaceMWF:1130-1245 in HOLDEN 152, capacity: 47Efraimidis, Iason 4745
MATH 2450-015Calculus III w/ Applications44437Face to FaceMWF:1230-1345 in MATH 110, capacity: 49Pampano Llarena, Alvaro 4949
MATH 2450-016Calculus III w/ Applications44438Face to FaceMWF:1330-1445 in GODDRD 203, capacity: 36Grady, Daniel 3636
MATH 2450-017Calculus III w/ Applications44439Face to FaceMWF:1430-1545 in MATH 111, capacity: 49Ferraro, Luigi 4930
MATH 2450-021Calculus III w/ Applications29402Face to FaceTR:0930-1120 in MATH 016, capacity: 46Pavlov, Dmitry 4645
MATH 2450-022Calculus III w/ Applications32297Face to FaceTR:1100-1250 in MATH 010, capacity: 39Laubmeier, Amanda 3939
MATH 2450-024Calculus III w/ Applications44440Face to FaceTR:1700-1850 in HOLDEN 150, capacity: 169Smirnov, Veniamin 9291
MATH 2450-111Calculus III w/ Applications29400Face to FaceMWF:1200-1315 in HOLDEN 006, capacity: 50Grady, Daniel 5025
MATH 2450-112Calculus III w/ Applications29401Face to FaceMWF:1300-1415 in MCOM 268, capacity: 48Ferraro, Luigi 4826
MATH 2450-113Calculus III w/ Applications32298Face to FaceMWF:1100-1215 in HOLDEN 121, capacity: 46Pampano Llarena, Alvaro 4634
MATH 2450-121Calculus III w/ Applications29395Face to FaceTR:1200-1350 in MATH 015, capacity: 39Khyat, Toufik 3939
MATH 2450-122Calculus III w/ Applications29396Face to FaceTR:1400-1550 in SCIENC 126, capacity: 40Khyat, Toufik 4039
MATH 2450-D01Calculus III w/ Applications32301OnlineTR:1130-1320 Aulisa, Eugenio 4546
MATH 2450-H01Calculus III w/ Applications38223Face to FaceMWF:1200-1315 in MATH 011, capacity: 48Athukorallage, Bhagya 2524Honors
MATH 2450-H02Calculus III w/ Applications29409Face to FaceTR:1130-1320 in MATH 011, capacity: 48Aulisa, Eugenio 2424Honors
MATH 3310-001Intro To Proof13935Face to FaceMWF:1200-1250 in MATH 014, capacity: 45Pouliasis, Stamatis 4541
MATH 3310-002Intro To Proof36928Face to FaceTR:1230-1350 in MATH 111, capacity: 49Solynin, Alexander 4529
MATH 3342-011Math Stats For Engineers/Scien13940Face to FaceMWF:1300-1350 in ENGPHL 260, capacity: 69Jang, Ruey-Jen 6058
MATH 3342-021Math Stats For Engineers/Scien13954Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in AFS 102, capacity: 48Trindade, Adao 4545
MATH 3342-022Math Stats For Engineers/Scien13955Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in MATH 014, capacity: 45Lindquist, William 4545
MATH 3342-111Math Stats For Engineers/Scien13943Face to FaceMWF:0900-0950 in AGED 102, capacity: 134Surles, James 11094
MATH 3342-112Math Stats For Engineers/Scien13947Face to FaceMWF:1400-1450 in HOLDEN 130, capacity: 60Jang, Ruey-Jen 6025
MATH 3342-121Math Stats For Engineers/Scien13950Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in AGED 107, capacity: 51Lee, Jeffrey 5133
MATH 3342-122Math Stats For Engineers/Scien32328Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in BIOL 023, capacity: 55Lee, Jeffrey 5553
MATH 3342-H01Math Stats For Engineers/Scien29435Face to FaceMWF:1500-1550 in MATH 011, capacity: 48Lauria, Davide 2517Honors
MATH 3350-011Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I13961Face to FaceMWF:1000-1050 in MATH 014, capacity: 45Volchenkov, Dimitri 4545
MATH 3350-012Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I13958Face to FaceMWF:1300-1350 in MATH 109, capacity: 38Gelca, Razvan 3534
MATH 3350-111Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I32043Face to FaceMWF:0800-0850 in HOLDEN 150, capacity: 169Lewis, Ira 11080
MATH 3350-122Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I26815Face to FaceMWF:0800-0850 in BIOL 101, capacity: 144Ledet, Arne 11026
MATH 3350-D01Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I27859OnlineMWF:1200-1250 Guo, Wei 111111
MATH 3350-H01Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I21206Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in MATH 011, capacity: 48Peace, Angela 2525Honors
MATH 3351-001Hi Math-Engrs & Sci II26058Face to FaceMWF:1200-1250 in MATH 112, capacity: 54Zhang, Wenjing 5017
MATH 3351-002Hi Math-Engrs & Sci II29466Face to FaceTR:1230-1350 in MATH 112, capacity: 54Monico, Christopher 5034
MATH 3354-001Differential Equations I14012Face to FaceMWF:1400-1450 in MATH 011, capacity: 48Zhang, Wenjing 4814
MATH 3354-002Differential Equations I14014Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in CHEM 101, capacity: 69Iyer, Ram 5048
MATH 3356-001Quant Theory of Interest38626Face to FaceMWF:1000-1050 in BIOL 021, capacity: 58Williams, Michael 5829
MATH 3360-001Foundations Of Algebra I38652Face to FaceMWF:1400-1450 in MATH 110, capacity: 49Christensen, Lars 4018
MATH 3370-D01Elementary Geometry29811OnlineTR:1730-1850 Liang, Chuan 4010
MATH 3371-D01Elements Of Finite Math42940OnlineTR:1730-1850 Dwyer, Jeremiah 4025
MATH 3430-D01Comp Tech For Sci & Math44951OnlineMWF:1200-1250 Drager, Lance 3534
MATH 3430-D51Comp Tech For Sci & Math44952OnlineMW:1300-1350 Drager, Lance 3534
MATH 4000-001Selected Topics17344Face to FaceM:1400-1450 in MATH 108, capacity: 35Williams, George 256South Plains STEM Scholars
MATH 4000-002Selected Topics17345Face to FaceTR:1230-1350 in EDUC 369, capacity: 24Dwyer, Jeremiah 159A conceptual approach to high school mathematics
MATH 4000-003Selected Topics17346Face to FaceJuan, Lourdes 51Topics on Mathematical Modeling
MATH 4000-004Selected Topics17348Face to FaceNunez, Yancy 51Theory and Practice of Teaching Calculus
MATH 4000-D01Selected Topics37423OnlineRachev, Svetlozar 108Actuarial Sciences
MATH 4000-D02Selected Topics37879OnlineIbraguimov, Akif 11generalization of Peacman formulae for non-linear flow
MATH 4326-001Math Methods II38628Face to FaceMWF:1300-1350 in MATH 010, capacity: 39Long, Katharine 137
MATH 4330-001Mathematical Computing38694Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in MATH 113, capacity: 30Monico, Christopher 3028
MATH 4342-001Mathematical Statistics I38654Face to FaceTR:1230-1350 in MATH 017, capacity: 51Wang, Nanwei 5132
MATH 4343-D01Mathematical Statistics II42942OnlineTR:1100-1220 Lu, Tao 4036
MATH 4350-001Adv Calculus I14041Face to FaceMWF:1000-1050 in MATH 012, capacity: 35Lewis, Ira 3511
MATH 4350-002Adv Calculus I39147Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in MATH 014, capacity: 45Solynin, Alexander 4523
MATH 4351-001Adv Calculus II30551Face to FaceTR:1230-1350 in ENGPHL 163, capacity: 50Hamilton, Alastair 4528
MATH 4354-001Differential Equation II14048Face to FaceMWF:1400-1450 in MATH 112, capacity: 54Long, Katharine 4927
MATH 5099-001Individual Study29972Face to FacePavlov, Dmitry 51Methods for intrinsic Jet Cohomology of Structured Spaces
MATH 5099-002Individual Study29973Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 51Infrared Landmark Localization Learning Algorithms
MATH 5099-003Individual Study29974Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 11Investigating and understand how the market works
MATH 5099-006Individual Study29977Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 51Two-Sample Neighborhood Hypothesis Tests
MATH 5099-007Individual Study29979Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 51Non parametric multivariate process control
MATH 5099-008Individual Study29980Face to FaceLaubmeier, Amanda 11Assessing how temperature change impacts efficient predator communities
MATH 5099-009Individual Study29981Face to FacePeace, Angela 11Advance application of ODE
MATH 5099-010Individual Study29982Face to FacePeace, Angela 51Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization
MATH 5099-011Individual Study29983Face to FaceIyer, Ram 11Numerical Solutions of Eigenvalue Problems on 2D Domains II
MATH 5099-012Individual Study32567Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 21Methods of dealing with class imbalance
MATH 5099-014Individual Study34829Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in MATH 016, capacity: 46Conover, William 54Nonparametric Stat Infer
MATH 5099-016Individual Study34831Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in MATH 115, capacity: 25Trindade, Adao 44Applied Time Series
MATH 5101-001Seminar In Mathematics16729Face to FaceW:1600-1650 in MATH 014, capacity: 45Christensen, Lars 51Algebra and Number Theory Seminar
MATH 5101-002Seminar In Mathematics32561Face to FaceM:1600-1650 in MATH 010, capacity: 39Pouliasis, Stamatis 105Analysis Seminar
MATH 5101-003Seminar In Mathematics32562Face to FaceW:1600-1650 in MATH 108, capacity: 35Guo, Wei 2013Applied Mathematics Seminar
MATH 5101-004Seminar In Mathematics32563Face to FaceT:1530-1620 in MATH 017, capacity: 51Jang, Ruey-Jen 153Biomathematics Seminar
MATH 5101-005Seminar In Mathematics32564Face to FaceT:1530-1650 in MATH 010, capacity: 39Pavlov, Dmitry 102Topology and Geometry Seminar
MATH 5101-006Seminar In Mathematics32565Face to FaceF:1400-1450 in MATH 017, capacity: 51Lindquist, William 104Financial Mathematics Seminar
MATH 5101-008Seminar In Mathematics38746Face to FaceT:1600-1650 in MATH 108, capacity: 35Christensen, Lars 204Preparation for the Profession
MATH 5101-009Seminar In Mathematics40411Face to FaceT:1530-1620 in MATH 016, capacity: 46Weinberg, David 102Real Algebraic Geometry
MATH 5101-010Seminar In Mathematics41615Face to FaceR:1530-1650 in MATH 114, capacity: 48Pavlov, Dmitry 103Quantum Homotopy
MATH 5101-011Seminar In Mathematics44434Face to FaceW:1500-1550 in MATH 108, capacity: 35Yamazaki, Kazuo 202Probability, Differential Geometry and Physics
MATH 5104-001Seminar In Statistics16982Face to FaceM:1600-1650 in MATH 115, capacity: 25Ellingson, Leif 126Statistics and Image Analysis Seminar
MATH 5104-002Seminar In Statistics16983Face to FaceW:1500-1550 in MATH 115, capacity: 25Ellingson, Leif 105Statistics and Image Analysis Seminar
MATH 5310-001Classical Appl Anal I17007HybridMWF:1000-1050 in MATH 015, capacity: 39Juan, Lourdes 259
MATH 5316-001Applied Linear Algebra28012Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in IMSE 120, capacity: 38Howle, Victoria 3012
MATH 5318-001Intermediate Analysis I17000Face to FaceMWF:1100-1150 in MATH 017, capacity: 51Weinberg, David 1715
MATH 5320-001Fncs-Complex Variable I17010Face to FaceMWF:0900-0950 in MATH 012, capacity: 35Pouliasis, Stamatis 3519
MATH 5322-001Funcs-Real Variable I17145Face to FaceMWF:1100-1150 in MATH 108, capacity: 35Wang, Xiaochang 2015
MATH 5326-001Modern Algebra I17146Face to FaceMWF:1200-1250 in MATH 115, capacity: 25Ledet, Arne 2513
MATH 5330-001Ordinary Diff Eqns I17147Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in ENGCTR 205, capacity: 38Peace, Angela 1211
MATH 5334-001Numerical Analysis I17148Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in MATH 115, capacity: 25Howle, Victoria 2523
MATH 5340-D01Functional Analysis I44538OnlineTR:1230-1350 Ibraguimov, Akif 2011
MATH 5344-001Topics Numerical Anal I26356Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in MATH 113, capacity: 30Bornia, Giorgio 1811
MATH 5360-001Professional Development34252Face to FaceTR:0800-0920 in MATH 010, capacity: 39Wang, Xiaochang , Instructor: Cannon, David3914
MATH 5375-D01Modern Geometry I44002OnlineToda, Magdalena 208
MATH 5377-D01Applied Mathematics I35128OnlineWilliams, George 2012
MATH 5382-001Adv Probability I17154Face to FaceMWF:1000-1050 in MATH 108, capacity: 35Weinberg, David 2011
MATH 6000-001Master's Thesis17249Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 31
MATH 6310-001Master's Report17279Face to FaceHamilton, Alastair 11
MATH 6320-001Representation Theory31240Face to FaceMWF:1500-1550 in MATH 010, capacity: 39Christensen, Lars 105
MATH 6330-001Manifold Theory32011Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in MATH 114, capacity: 48Pavlov, Dmitry 108
MATH 7000-001Research17283Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 51Early Warning Signals for Real Estate Bubbles
MATH 7000-002Research32317Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 11Time-dependent network analysis and dimensionality reduction
MATH 7000-003Research32318Face to FaceGuo, Wei 51Low-rank tensor methods for PDEs in high dimensions.
MATH 7000-004Research32319Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Mathematical Modeling of Genetic Drift
MATH 7000-005Research32320Face to FaceLong, Katharine 51Preconditioning for IRK systems.
MATH 7000-006Research34711Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Math. and Computational Sociology of Armed Conflict, Violence, and Elections
MATH 7000-007Research34712Face to FaceIbraguimov, Akif 51Fractional machinery of random motion and Einstein paradigm for Brownian motion
MATH 7000-008Research34713Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 51Condition Number Approximation with Applications
MATH 7000-009Research34714Face to FaceYamazaki, Kazuo 52Harmonic analysis for PDEs in fluid mechanics
MATH 7000-010Research34715Face to FaceGuo, Wei 51Adaptive multi-resolution discontinuous Galerkin methods for hyperbolic conservation laws
MATH 7000-011Research34716Face to FaceIbraguimov, Akif 51Different aspects of application of PDE to biological and bio-medical processes
MATH 7000-012Research34717Face to FacePeace, Angela 52Advanced Problems in Mathematical Biology
MATH 7000-013Research34718Face to FaceLong, Katharine 52Multilevel Optimization Application in Numerical PDE, Machine Learning and Data Mining
MATH 7000-014Research34719Face to FacePouliasis, Stamatis 52Topics in Complex Analysis
MATH 8000-001Doctor's Dissertation17314Face to FaceTrindade, Adao 52
MATH 8000-002Doctor's Dissertation17315Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 51
MATH 8000-003Doctor's Dissertation17316Face to FaceZhang, Fangyuan 53
MATH 8000-004Doctor's Dissertation17317Face to FaceAulisa, Eugenio 52
MATH 8000-005Doctor's Dissertation17318Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 51
MATH 8000-006Doctor's Dissertation17319Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 51
MATH 8000-007Doctor's Dissertation17320Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 52
MATH 8000-008Doctor's Dissertation17321Face to FaceLu, Tao 53
MATH 8000-009Doctor's Dissertation17322Face to FaceIbraguimov, Akif 51
MATH 8000-010Doctor's Dissertation17323Face to FaceSiwatu, Raegan 51
MATH 8000-011Doctor's Dissertation17324Face to FaceZhang, Wenjing 51
MATH 8000-012Doctor's Dissertation17325Face to FaceGuo, Wei 51
MATH 8000-013Doctor's Dissertation17326Face to FaceIyer, Ram 52
MATH 8000-014Doctor's Dissertation17327Face to FaceChristensen, Lars 51
MATH 8000-015Doctor's Dissertation17328Face to FaceJang, Ruey-Jen 51
MATH 8000-016Doctor's Dissertation17329Face to FacePavlov, Dmitry 21
MATH 8000-017Doctor's Dissertation22037Face to FaceWang, Xiaochang 11
MATH 8000-018Doctor's Dissertation22038Face to FacePeace, Angela 11
MATH 8000-019Doctor's Dissertation22039Face to FaceBornia, Giorgio 51
MATH 8000-D01Doctor's Dissertation39436OnlineZhang, Fangyuan 10
STAT 5302-001Applied Statistics I17332Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in MATH 017, capacity: 51Conover, William 1311
STAT 5326-001Biostatistics34696Face to FaceTR:0930-1050 in MATH 012, capacity: 35Zhang, Fangyuan 1311
STAT 5328-001Intermed Math Stat I17331Face to FaceTR:1230-1350 in MATH 115, capacity: 25Liu, Ruiqi 2518
STAT 5373-001Design Of Experiments40816Face to FaceTR:1400-1520 in HOLDEN 028, capacity: 41Zhang, Fangyuan 2011
STAT 5375-001Stat Multivariate Anlys40817Face to FaceMWF:0900-0950 in MATH 017, capacity: 51Ellingson, Leif 137
STAT 5384-001Stat-Engineers & Scientists I17335Face to FaceTR:1100-1220 in MATH 017, capacity: 51Conover, William 3027
STAT 6310-001Master's Report17351Face to FaceSurles, James 11

Dec 14, 2021