2021 Summer

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Full Summer Term

MATH 1300-D01Contemporary Math38389OnlineTR:0930-1050 Volchenkov, Ludmilla 12077
MATH 1320-D01College Algebra33347OnlineMWF:1000-1050 Volchenkov, Ludmilla 15080
MATH 1321-D01Trigonometry33349OnlineChowdhury, Mohammad Mihrab Uddin 4037
MATH 1330-D01Intro Math Analysis33351OnlineGonapeenuwala Vithana, Rohana Kumara 5048
MATH 1331-D01Intro Math Analysis33353OnlineMills, Casey 8071
MATH 1451-D01Calculus I with Applications34044OnlineAtapattu Mudiyanselage, Malima Sugandika 5047
MATH 1452-D01Calculus II w/ Applications34049OnlineHeenatigala, Shadi 5045
MATH 1452-D02Calculus II w/ Applications73188OnlineKalanchige, Himali Sakunthala 5038
MATH 2300-D01Statistical Methods33359OnlineDassanayake, Isuru Dilan 5049
MATH 2300-D02Statistical Methods72371OnlineHewa Wellalage, Basitha Kavinga 5047
MATH 2300-D03Statistical Methods72376OnlineChakroborty, Sajal 5044
MATH 2300-D04Statistical Methods72452OnlineJayasinghe, Jayasinghe Mudiyanselage 5044
MATH 2345-D01Intro Stats - Appl To Business70869OnlineBailey, Jason 6053
MATH 2345-D02Intro Stats - Appl To Business72372OnlinePerera, Dewamullage Chathuri 6055
MATH 2360-D01Linear Algebra36781OnlineAmbegoda Liyanage, Thushadi Prathibha Ambegoda 8078
MATH 2450-D01Calculus III w/ Applications34054OnlinePena, Stephen 10086
MATH 3342-D01Math Stats For Engineers/Scien35974OnlineDassanayaka Mudiyanselage, Sachith Eranga 5048
MATH 3342-D02Math Stats For Engineers/Scien72374OnlineHossain, Md Sakhawat 5047
MATH 3350-D01Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I38097OnlineJuan, Lourdes 4037
MATH 3350-D02Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I73186OnlineLong, Cole 4034
MATH 4000-D01Selected Topics37956OnlineToda, Magdalena 11Mathematical methods for transportation and communication
MATH 4000-D02Selected Topics73070OnlineToda, Magdalena 10
MATH 5099-101Individual Study35057Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 11Internship
MATH 5099-102Individual Study35058Face to FaceYamazaki, Kazuo 51Partial Differential Equations in Fluid Mechanics
MATH 5099-103Individual Study35059Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 52Machine learning in Finance
MATH 5099-104Individual Study35060Face to FaceAulisa, Eugenio 51Nitsche�s Methods for Interface Problems in Computational Fluid Mechanics
MATH 5099-105Individual Study35621Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 51
MATH 5099-106Individual Study35132Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 11Heart Attack Analysis & Prediction Dataset
MATH 5099-107Individual Study35133Face to FaceZhang, Wenjing 31Global dynamics and bifurcation analysis of social contagious diseases
MATH 5099-108Individual Study35134Face to FaceGelca, Razvan 11Complex Analysis
MATH 5099-109Individual Study35135Face to FaceJang, Ruey-Jen 11Advanced Mathematical Biology 2
MATH 5099-110Individual Study35136Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 21Topics in brain imaging
MATH 5099-135Individual Study38842Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 11Topics in Medical Imaging
MATH 5099-136Individual Study38843Face to FaceAulisa, Eugenio 51Introduction to Conservation Laws
MATH 5099-137Individual Study38844Face to FacePeace, Angela 11Advanced Dynamical System
MATH 5099-138Individual Study38845Face to FaceLaubmeier, Amanda 11Modelling temperature effects on predator-prey interactions
MATH 5099-139Individual Study73735Face to FaceIyer, Ram 51Numerical Solutions of Eigenvalue Problems on 2D Domains
MATH 5099-140Individual Study73762Face to FacePavlov, Dmitry 52Special Applications of Derived Differential Geometry
MATH 5099-D01Individual Study38289OnlineSiwatu, Raegan 51Advanced Topics in Graduate Mathematics
MATH 6000-101Master's Thesis35622Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 11
MATH 7000-111Research72562Face to FaceGuo, Wei 11Low-rank tensor methods for PDEs in high dimensions.
MATH 7000-112Research73648Face to FaceYamazaki, Kazuo 51Analysis on PDE in Navier-Stokes and Related PDEs
MATH 7000-113Research73681Face to FacePouliasis, Stamatis 31Theory of Hardy Spaces and Applications
MATH 7000-114Research73682Face to FaceIbraguimov, Akif 31Non-linear evolutionarily chemotactic process
MATH 7000-115Research73722Face to FaceGuo, Wei 52Adaptive multi-resolution discontinuous Galerkin methods for hyperbolic conservation laws
MATH 8000-101Doctor's Dissertation24035Face to FaceTrindade, Adao 52
MATH 8000-102Doctor's Dissertation24036Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 51
MATH 8000-103Doctor's Dissertation24037Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 53
MATH 8000-104Doctor's Dissertation24038Face to FaceJang, Ruey-Jen 51
MATH 8000-105Doctor's Dissertation24039Face to FaceLu, Tao 52
MATH 8000-106Doctor's Dissertation35588Face to FaceWang, Chunmei 51
MATH 8000-107Doctor's Dissertation35589Face to FaceAulisa, Eugenio 53
MATH 8000-108Doctor's Dissertation34379Face to FaceSiwatu, Raegan 31
MATH 8000-109Doctor's Dissertation36109Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 10
MATH 8000-110Doctor's Dissertation36110Face to FaceGelca, Razvan 11
MATH 8000-111Doctor's Dissertation36111Face to FacePavlov, Dmitry 52
MATH 8000-119Doctor's Dissertation37142Face to FaceIyer, Ram 51
MATH 8000-129Doctor's Dissertation73734Face to FaceLong, Katharine 51
MATH 8000-130Doctor's Dissertation73796Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 50
STAT 6310-001Master's Report73723Face to FaceSurles, James 51

Summer 1

MATH 1300-102Contemporary Math20401Face to FaceMTWRF:1000-1150 in CHEM 049, capacity: 152Herath Mudiyanselage, Ruwani Rasanjali 4513
MATH 1320-103College Algebra20406Face to FaceMTWRF:1200-1350 in CHEM 049, capacity: 152Tabassum, Nusrat 4517
MATH 1330-103Intro Math Analysis20417Face to FaceMTWRF:1200-1350 in MCOM 281, capacity: 222Mudunkotuwa Appuhamilage, Geethanjalee 4511
MATH 1331-103Intro Math Analysis32137Face to FaceMTWRF:1200-1350 in HUMSCI 173, capacity: 32Rejuan, Rifat 4520
MATH 1451-101Calculus I with Applications34040Face to FaceMTWR:0800-1050 in TFPETR 110, capacity: 51Edirisinghe Arachchige, Chathuri Thusharika Sandamali 4515
MATH 1452-101Calculus II w/ Applications34046Face to FaceMTWR:0800-1050 in MATH 112, capacity: 19Yillah, Abubakarr 1913
MATH 2300-102Statistical Methods20434Face to FaceMTWRF:1000-1150 in AGED 102, capacity: 35Rathnayake, Kusal 4520
MATH 2360-102Linear Algebra34059Face to FaceMTWRF:1400-1550 in HUMSCI 169, capacity: 98Pinto Jayawardena, Hettiarachchige Sithma 4516
MATH 2360-161Linear Algebra38030Face to FaceLee, Jeffrey 5014Study Abroad, Seville
MATH 2450-101Calculus III w/ Applications34051Face to FaceMTWR:0800-1050 in MCOM 053, capacity: 45Smirnov, Veniamin 4516
MATH 3310-101Intro To Proof26751Face to FaceMTWRF:1200-1350 in HOLDEN 150, capacity: 84Ferraro, Luigi 4519
MATH 3342-160Math Stats For Engineers/Scien37071Face to FaceLee, Jeffrey 357Study Abroad, Seville
MATH 3350-102Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I20441Face to FaceMTWRF:1000-1150 in MCOM 055, capacity: 44Francese, James 4413
MATH 3372-D01Math Modeling for Teachers73966OnlineMTWR:1400-1530 Dwyer, Jeremiah 2013
MATH 4000-101Selected Topics36184Face to FaceWilliams, George 54Applied Statistics Research
MATH 4350-101Adv Calculus I38379Face to FaceMTWRF:0800-0950 in CHEM 107, capacity: 97Grady, Daniel 3010
MATH 5099-111Individual Study36152Face to FaceToda, Magdalena 53Partial Differential Equations I
MATH 5099-112Individual Study36153Face to FaceLong, Katharine 50Preconditioning for IRK systems, Part 1
MATH 5099-113Individual Study36154Face to FaceJuan, Lourdes 51Stability for Nonlinear Differential Equations
MATH 5099-114Individual Study36155Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Mathematical Modeling of Genetic Drift
MATH 5099-115Individual Study36156Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 50Topics in Time Scales Part 2
MATH 5099-116Individual Study36157Face to FaceLong, Katharine 52Preconditioning for IRK systems, Part 1
MATH 5099-117Individual Study38138Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Math. and Computational Sociology of Armed Conflict, Violence, and Elections
MATH 5099-118Individual Study38139Face to FaceToda, Magdalena 50Partial differential equations 1
MATH 5099-119Individual Study38140Face to FaceLong, Katharine 51Multilevel Optimization
MATH 5099-120Individual Study38141Face to FaceBornia, Giorgio 51Computational mathematics I
MATH 5099-121Individual Study38142Face to FaceMonico, Christopher 51Mathematical Cryptology I
MATH 5099-122Individual Study38227Face to FaceIbraguimov, Akif 50Special Topics in Real Analysis
MATH 5099-123Individual Study38228Face to FaceMTWRF:1400-1550 Rachev, Svetlozar 50Portfolio optimization in the market of crypto assets
MATH 5364-D01Computer Lit/Prgrm I73156OnlineMonico, Christopher 206For Certificate Students
MATH 5382-D01Adv Probability I73157OnlineWilliams, George 207For Certificate Students
MATH 6310-101Master's Report35631Face to FaceWilliams, George 11
MATH 7000-101Research36148Face to FaceIbraguimov, Akif 51Energy Estimate for solution of Non-Linear Degenerate equations.
MATH 7000-102Research36149Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 51Condition Number Approximation Theory 1
MATH 8000-112Doctor's Dissertation36158Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 52
MATH 8000-113Doctor's Dissertation36159Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 51
MATH 8000-114Doctor's Dissertation36160Face to FaceWang, Xiaochang 51
MATH 8000-115Doctor's Dissertation36212Face to FaceToda, Magdalena 51
MATH 8000-116Doctor's Dissertation36213Face to FaceTrindade, Adao 51
MATH 8000-117Doctor's Dissertation36215Face to FaceChristensen, Lars 51
MATH 8000-118Doctor's Dissertation36216Face to FaceZhang, Fangyuan 53
MATH 8000-120Doctor's Dissertation37143Face to FaceIyer, Ram 51
MATH 8000-121Doctor's Dissertation37144Face to FacePeace, Angela 50
STAT 6310-100Master's Report38808Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 11

Summer 2

MATH 1320-202College Algebra60210Face to FaceMTWRF:1000-1150 in ENGPHL 001, capacity: 98Thee, Amy 4511
MATH 1331-202Intro Math Analysis60217Face to FaceMTWRF:1000-1150 in TFPETR 110, capacity: 51Ilandari Dewage, Indika Gihan Gunawardana 4518
MATH 1451-202Calculus I with Applications67171Face to FaceMTWR:1100-1350 in AGED 102, capacity: 35Kasisetti Mudalige, Nilan Manoj Chathuranga 3517
MATH 1452-202Calculus II w/ Applications67174Face to FaceMTWR:1100-1350 in MCOM 053, capacity: 45Devage Dona, Dulanjalee 4410
MATH 2300-202Statistical Methods60239Face to FaceMTWRF:1000-1150 in MCOM 055, capacity: 44Rajapaksha Pathiranage Dona, Charu Sameera Devindi 5612
MATH 2345-201Intro Stats - Appl To Business68807Face to FaceMTWRF:1200-1350 in CHEM 049, capacity: 152Imiya Mohottige, Lakmini Nadeesha Jayaweera 4524
MATH 2360-202Linear Algebra60243Face to FaceMTWRF:1000-1150 in MCOM 075, capacity: 56Ozturk, Ozkan 5621
MATH 3342-203Math Stats For Engineers/Scien60245Face to FaceMTWRF:1200-1350 in TFPETR 110, capacity: 51Surles, James 4514
MATH 3350-202Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I63185Face to FaceMTWRF:1000-1150 in BIOL 101, capacity: 72Erwin, Brock 5625
MATH 4000-201Selected Topics61091Face to FaceWilliams, George 11Random Walks and Electrical Networks
MATH 4000-202Selected Topics61092Face to FaceToda, Magdalena 11Advanced Geometries
MATH 4330-201Mathematical Computing71390Face to FaceMTWRF:1000-1150 in MATH 113, capacity: 25Wang, Xiaochang 2513
MATH 4354-201Differential Equation II70721Face to FaceMTWRF:1200-1350 in ENGPHL 001, capacity: 98Erwin, Brock 469
MATH 5099-201Individual Study67934Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 21Preconditioning for IRK systems, Part 2
MATH 5099-202Individual Study67935Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 51Krylov Methods and Preconditioning
MATH 5099-203Individual Study67936Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Math. and Computational Sociology of Armed Conflict, Violence, and Elections
MATH 5099-204Individual Study67937Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Mathematical Modeling of Genetic Drift
MATH 5099-205Individual Study68395Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 51Preconditioning for IRK systems, Part 2
MATH 5099-206Individual Study67999Face to FaceZhang, Fangyuan 51Assessment of Biological Age by using Artificial Neural Networks
MATH 5099-207Individual Study68000Face to FaceBornia, Giorgio 51Computational mathematics II
MATH 5099-208Individual Study68001Face to FaceMonico, Christopher 51Mathematical Cryptology II
MATH 5365-D01Computer Lit/Prgrm II73153OnlineMonico, Christopher 204For Certificate Students
MATH 5383-D01Adv Probability II73154OnlineWilliams, George 207For Certificate Students
MATH 5399-201Advanced Problems70195Face to FaceMTWRF:1400-1550 in HOLDEN 130, capacity: 37Rachev, Svetlozar 202Risk management in the real estate market
MATH 6310-201Master's Report68634Face to FaceHamilton, Alastair 11
MATH 6310-202Master's Report68635Face to FaceGuo, Wei 11
MATH 7000-201Research68829Face to FacePouliasis, Stamatis 51Integral Representation of Harmonic Functions
MATH 7000-202Research68830Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 51Condition Number Approximation Theory 2
MATH 8000-201Doctor's Dissertation61278Face to FaceIbraguimov, Akif 51
MATH 8000-202Doctor's Dissertation61279Face to FaceToda, Magdalena 51
MATH 8000-203Doctor's Dissertation61280Face to FaceTrindade, Adao 51
MATH 8000-204Doctor's Dissertation61281Face to FaceChristensen, Lars 51
MATH 8000-205Doctor's Dissertation68691Face to FaceZhang, Fangyuan 52
MATH 8000-206Doctor's Dissertation68692Face to FaceIyer, Ram 51
MATH 8000-207Doctor's Dissertation68791Face to FacePeace, Angela 51
MATH 8000-208Doctor's Dissertation68792Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 50

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