2022 Summer

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Full Summer Term

MATH 1300-D01Contemporary Math38389OnlineVolchenkov, Ludmilla 12093
MATH 1320-D01College Algebra33347OnlineSurowiec, Malgorzata 160141
MATH 1321-D01Trigonometry33349OnlineJayasinghe, Jayasinghe Mudiyanselage 8051
MATH 1330-D01Intro Math Analysis33351OnlineMadiwala Liyanage, Dananjani Madhushika Perera 140128
MATH 1331-D01Intro Math Analysis33353OnlineDivelgama, Bhathiya 175147
MATH 1451-D01Calculus I with Applications34044OnlineIslam, Rahnuma 5035
MATH 1452-D01Calculus II w/ Applications34049OnlineImiya Mohottige, Lakmini Nadeesha Jayaweera 8075
MATH 2300-D01Statistical Methods33359OnlineHerath Mudiyanselage, Ruwani Rasanjali 10088
MATH 2300-D02Statistical Methods72371OnlineDevage Dona, Dulanjalee 10080
MATH 2345-D01Intro Stats - Appl To Business70869OnlineBailey, Jason 125113
MATH 2360-D01Linear Algebra36781OnlineJuan, Lourdes 9074
MATH 2450-D01Calculus III w/ Applications34054OnlineChakroborty, Sajal 125116
MATH 3342-D01Math Stats For Engineers/Scien35974OnlineHossain, Md Sakhawat 130120
MATH 3350-D01Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I38097OnlineJuan, Lourdes 8056
MATH 4000-D01Selected Topics37956OnlineToda, Magdalena 52Mathematical Research in Industry
MATH 5099-101Individual Study35057Face to FaceToda, Magdalena 51Mathematical Research in Industry
MATH 5099-102Individual Study35058Face to FaceBornia, Giorgio 51Computational Mathematics
MATH 5099-103Individual Study35059Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 50Machine learning in Finance
MATH 5099-104Individual Study35060Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 52Study of Theoretical understanding of Neural Networks
MATH 5099-105Individual Study35621Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 51Relaxing assumptions for high-dimensional inference
MATH 5099-106Individual Study35132Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 11Comparing statistical process control methods.
MATH 5099-107Individual Study35133Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 30Study of Theoretical understanding of Neural Networks
MATH 5099-108Individual Study35134Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 11Data Analysis on Heart Failure Clinical Records
MATH 5099-109Individual Study35135Face to FaceMcCarthy, Dermot 11Applications of Number Theory in Graph Theory
MATH 5099-110Individual Study35136Face to FaceLiu, Ruiqi 21Functional Coefficient Models
MATH 7000-108Research74612Face to FaceLiu, Ruiqi 31Optimization of Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithms
MATH 7000-109Research74613Face to FaceSolynin, Alexander 31Symmetrization Transformations for Geometry and Complex Analysis
MATH 7000-110Research74614Face to FaceWang, Xiaochang 32Stability analysis of Einstein nonlinear model of Brownian motion
MATH 7000-111Research72562Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 11Unsupervised Learning Statistical Analysis on Human Behavior Experiment
MATH 7000-112Research73648Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Math. and Computational Sociology of Armed Conflict, Violence, and Elections
MATH 7000-113Research73681Face to FaceTran, Hung 31Geometry of Surfaces
MATH 7000-114Research73682Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 31Computational politology
MATH 7000-115Research73722Face to FaceAulisa, Eugenio 51Nitsche's Method For Helmholtz Problems with Embedded Interfaces
MATH 7000-116Research74615Face to FaceYamazaki, Kazuo 32Harmonic and Stochastic Analysis on PDE in Fluid Mechanics
MATH 7000-117Research74616Face to FaceGuo, Wei 31Adaptive multi-resolution discontinuous Galerkin methods for hyperbolic conservation laws
MATH 7000-118Research74735Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 51Dynamic Pricing Theory for ESG-financial markets
MATH 7000-119Research74736Face to FacePeace, Angela 51Mathematical Epidemiology
MATH 7000-121Research74738Face to FaceLong, Katharine 52Preconditioning for IRK
MATH 7000-122Research74743Face to FaceLong, Katharine 51Chaos Detection in Hamiltonian Mechanics
MATH 7000-123Research74742Face to FaceGelca, Razvan 51Chern-Simons Theory
MATH 8000-101Doctor's Dissertation24035Face to FaceTrindade, Adao 52
MATH 8000-102Doctor's Dissertation24036Face to FaceZhang, Fangyuan 52
MATH 8000-103Doctor's Dissertation24037Face to FaceEllingson, Leif 51
MATH 8000-104Doctor's Dissertation24038Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 52
MATH 8000-105Doctor's Dissertation24039Face to FaceAulisa, Eugenio 52
MATH 8000-106Doctor's Dissertation35588Face to FaceLong, Katharine 51
MATH 8000-107Doctor's Dissertation35589Face to FaceJang, Ruey-Jen 52
MATH 8000-108Doctor's Dissertation34379Face to FaceChristensen, Lars 31
MATH 8000-109Doctor's Dissertation36109Face to FaceIyer, Ram 11
MATH 8000-110Doctor's Dissertation36110Face to FaceGuo, Wei 11
MATH 8000-111Doctor's Dissertation36111Face to FacePavlov, Dmitry 51
MATH 8000-119Doctor's Dissertation37142Face to FaceZhang, Wenjing 51
MATH 8000-129Doctor's Dissertation73734Face to FaceWang, Xiaochang 51
STAT 7000-101Research74744Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Data Science using Machine Learning Algorithm with Big Data

Summer 1

MATH 1300-102Contemporary Math20401Face to FaceMTWRF 10:00 AM-11:50 AM in MATH 112, capacity 54Liang, Chuan 4511
MATH 1320-103College Algebra20406Face to FaceMTWRF 12:00 PM-1:50 PM in MATH 014, capacity 45Perera, Dewamullage Chathuri 459
MATH 1320-D11College Algebra74923OnlinePerera, Dewamullage Chathuri 3014
MATH 1330-103Intro Math Analysis20417Face to FaceMTWRF 12:00 PM-1:50 PM in MATH 111, capacity 49Liang, Chuan 4527
MATH 1331-103Intro Math Analysis32137Face to FaceMTWRF 12:00 PM-1:50 PM in MATH 110, capacity 49Ilandari Dewage, Indika Gihan Gunawardana 4535
MATH 1331-D11Intro Math Analysis74942OnlineIlandari Dewage, Indika Gihan Gunawardana 3017
MATH 1451-D11Calculus I with Applications74611OnlineGarli Hevage, Isanka 4532
MATH 1452-101Calculus II w/ Applications34046Face to FaceMTWR 8:00 AM-10:50 AM in MATH 115, capacity 25Ozturk, Ozkan 2519
MATH 2300-102Statistical Methods20434Face to FaceMTWRF 10:00 AM-11:50 AM in MATH 110, capacity 49Rajapaksha Pathiranage Dona, Charu Sameera Devindi 4524
MATH 2360-102Linear Algebra34059Face to FaceMTWRF 2:00 PM-3:50 PM in MATH 109, capacity 38Khyat, Toufik 3821
MATH 2360-160Linear Algebra37070Face to FaceIyer, Ram 4015Study Abroad Benevento, Italy
MATH 2360-161Linear Algebra38030Face to FaceLee, Jeffrey 5025Study Abroad Seville, Spain
MATH 2450-101Calculus III w/ Applications34051Face to FaceMTWR 8:00 AM-10:50 AM in MATH 114, capacity 48Rajbhandari, Binod 458
MATH 2450-D11Calculus III w/ Applications74922OnlineRajbhandari, Binod 306
MATH 3310-101Intro To Proof26751Face to FaceMTWRF 12:00 PM-1:50 PM in MATH 114, capacity 48Surles, James 4519
MATH 3350-102Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I20441Face to FaceMTWRF 12:00 PM-1:50 PM in MATH 109, capacity 38Ozturk, Ozkan 3813
MATH 3350-160Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I36778Face to FaceIyer, Ram 4014Study Abroad Benevento, Italy
MATH 3350-161Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I74778Face to FaceLee, Jeffrey 2016Study Abroad Seville, Spain
MATH 4000-D11Selected Topics74514OnlineRachev, Svetlozar 208Introduction to math finance I
MATH 4350-D11Adv Calculus I74759OnlineGrady, Daniel 3020
MATH 5099-111Individual Study36152Face to FaceLaubmeier, Amanda 51Ecosystem Modelling with Differential Equations and Discrete Pulses
MATH 5099-112Individual Study36153Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 51ESG Asset Pricing
MATH 5099-113Individual Study36154Face to FaceLedet, Arne 52Homological Algebra
MATH 5099-114Individual Study36155Face to FacePeace, Angela 51Numerical Bifurcation Analysis
MATH 5099-115Individual Study36156Face to FacePeace, Angela 51Advanced Methods in Mathematical Biology
MATH 5099-116Individual Study36157Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Python
MATH 5099-117Individual Study38138Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading
MATH 5099-118Individual Study38139Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 51Estimation of obesity levels based on eating habits and physical condition
MATH 5099-119Individual Study38140Face to FaceWilliams, George 51Discrete Conformal Geometry I
MATH 5364-D01Computer Lit/Prgrm I73156OnlineMonico, Christopher 204For Certificate Students
MATH 5382-D01Adv Probability I73157OnlineWilliams, George 205For Certificate Students
MATH 7000-101Research36148Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 50Dynamic Pricing Theory for ESG-financial markets
MATH 8000-112Doctor's Dissertation36158Face to FaceBornia, Giorgio 51
MATH 8000-113Doctor's Dissertation36159Face to FaceRachev, Svetlozar 51
MATH 8000-114Doctor's Dissertation36160Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 52
MATH 8000-115Doctor's Dissertation36212Face to FaceIyer, Ram 51
MATH 8000-116Doctor's Dissertation36213Face to FaceWang, Xiaochang 51
STAT 5376-101Adv Statistical Methods70786Face to FaceMTWRF 2:00 PM-3:50 PM in MATH 115, capacity 25Surles, James 256Reliability and Survival Analysis
STAT 6000-101Master's Thesis24041Face to FaceIyer, Ram 20

Summer 2

MATH 1300-D21Contemporary Math74607OnlineVolchenkov, Ludmilla 6053
MATH 1320-202College Algebra60210Face to FaceMTWRF 10:00 AM-11:50 AM in MATH 110, capacity 49Pinto Jayawardena, Hettiarachchige Sithma 457
MATH 1320-D21College Algebra74924OnlinePinto Jayawardena, Hettiarachchige Sithma 3024
MATH 1330-D21Intro Math Analysis74608OnlineNunez, Yancy 10092
MATH 1331-202Intro Math Analysis60217Face to FaceMTWRF 10:00 AM-11:50 AM in MATH 014, capacity 45Rathnayake, Kusal 4528
MATH 1331-D21Intro Math Analysis74943OnlineRathnayake, Kusal 3533
MATH 1451-D21Calculus I with Applications74609OnlinePena, Stephen 6049
MATH 1452-202Calculus II w/ Applications67174Face to FaceMTWR 10:00 AM-12:50 PM in MATH 109, capacity 38Ozturk, Ozkan 3815
MATH 2300-202Statistical Methods60239Face to FaceMTWRF 10:00 AM-11:50 AM in MATH 114, capacity 48Qi, Bingxin 489
MATH 2300-D21Statistical Methods74925OnlineQi, Bingxin 3012
MATH 2345-201Intro Stats - Appl To Business68807Face to FaceMTWRF 12:00 PM-1:50 PM in MATH 110, capacity 49Wang, Jennifer 4512
MATH 2345-D21Intro Stats - Appl To Business74926OnlineWang, Jennifer 3011
MATH 2360-202Linear Algebra60243Face to FaceMTWRF 10:00 AM-11:50 AM in MATH 111, capacity 49Erwin, Brock 4910
MATH 2360-260Linear Algebra70555Face to FacePampano Llarena, Alvaro 4019Study Abroad Seville, Spain
MATH 2360-D21Linear Algebra74927OnlineErwin, Brock 3013
MATH 2450-201Calculus III w/ Applications67180Face to FaceMTWR 12:00 PM-2:50 PM in MATH 112, capacity 54Erwin, Brock 4513
MATH 3342-203Math Stats For Engineers/Scien60245Face to FaceMTWRF 12:00 PM-1:50 PM in MATH 111, capacity 49Qi, Bingxin 4518
MATH 3342-260Math Stats For Engineers/Scien70132Face to FacePampano Llarena, Alvaro 1515Study Abroad Seville, Spain
MATH 3350-202Hi Math-Engrs & Sci I63185Face to FaceMTWRF 10:00 AM-11:50 AM in MCOM 055, capacity 56Ferraro, Luigi 5611
MATH 4000-201Selected Topics61091Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 200Advanced Calculus I
MATH 4000-D21Selected Topics74515OnlineRachev, Svetlozar 203Introduction to math finance II
MATH 4330-201Mathematical Computing71390Face to FaceMTWRF 10:00 AM-11:50 AM in MATH 113, capacity 30Wang, Xiaochang 2525
MATH 4354-201Differential Equation II70721Face to FaceMTWRF 12:00 PM-1:50 PM in MATH 114, capacity 48Ferraro, Luigi 4614
MATH 5099-201Individual Study67934Face to FaceZhang, Fangyuan 53Experimental Design
MATH 5099-202Individual Study67935Face to FaceZhang, Fangyuan 50Supervised Machine Learning
MATH 5099-203Individual Study67936Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 54Machine Learning
MATH 5099-204Individual Study67937Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 52Supervised Machine Learning
MATH 5099-205Individual Study68395Face to FaceLiu, Ruiqi 51Bayesian data analysis
MATH 5099-206Individual Study67999Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 50Data Analysis of Heart Failure Clinical Records
MATH 5099-207Individual Study68000Face to FaceWilliams, George 51Discrete Conformal Geometry II
MATH 5099-208Individual Study68001Face to FaceToda, Magdalena 51History of Math
MATH 5099-209Individual Study68002Face to FaceVolchenkov, Dimitri 50Supervised Machine Learning
MATH 5365-D01Computer Lit/Prgrm II73153OnlineMonico, Christopher 202For Certificate Students
MATH 5383-D01Adv Probability II73154OnlineWilliams, George 204For Certificate Students
MATH 5399-201Advanced Problems70195Face to FaceMTWRF 10:00 AM-11:50 AM in MATH 113, capacity 30Wang, Xiaochang 209Python Programing
MATH 5399-D21Advanced Problems74805OnlineMTWRF 10:00 AM-11:50 AMWang, Xiaochang 54Python Programing
MATH 6310-201Master's Report68634Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 11
MATH 7000-202Research68830Face to FacePavlov, Dmitry 52Gauge Theory
MATH 8000-201Doctor's Dissertation61278Face to FaceLu, Tao 52
MATH 8000-202Doctor's Dissertation61279Face to FaceHowle, Victoria 51
STAT 6000-201Master's Thesis68366Face to FaceIyer, Ram 101
STAT 7000-201Research74535Face to FaceSurles, James 51Confidence Intervals for resistance factor in Load and Resistance Factor Design
STAT 7000-202Research74689Face to FaceLiu, Ruiqi 51Supervised Machine Learning Methods
STAT 7000-203Research74705Face to FaceGuo, Wei 50Asymptotic Statistical Theory

Aug 10, 2022