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The Lauro Cavazos & Ophelia Powell-Malone Mentoring Program, also known as Mentor Tech, was introduced Fall 2002 and named for Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos, the first undergraduate to serve as President of Texas Tech University and Ophelia Powell-Malone, the first African American undergraduate of Texas Tech University.Mentor Tech seeks to enhance the educational experiences of students from diverse backgrounds through:

Mentorship, Profesional/ Personal Development, and Peer Connections/Interactions

A Message To Future Program Participants: 

Mentor Tech is so excited to welcome new and returning students, faculty, and staff to our family! We recognize and validate the time, energy, and committement it takes to be part of this program. As we move into this next academic year, we are eager to develop experiences that promote a hybrid structure of in-person and virtual experiences. We want to center community and build meaningful relationships through mentorship, celebrations, and storytelling. You are a part of that future and we hope you consider joining us. 

What is a Mentor?

A Mentor is an individual that uses their knowledge, position, privilege, and experiences to support, uplift, empower, and guide a Protégé throughout their university experience. Mentors are current staff, faculty, and/ or a graduate students, committed to building a relationship with a current undergraduate or graduate student, in order to see them achieve their own success, navigate university systems and spaces, and reach higher for their goals and aspirations. 

What is a Protégé

A Protégé is a program participant that desires to receive holistic support, encouragement, and guidance, from a Mentor, as they pursue their academic and professional goals at Texas Tech University. Protégés are unique and dynamic, come from diverse communities, with unique talents, and strengths, and are positioned within Mentor Tech to build relationships, learn, and grow in order to meet their academic, personal, and professional goals. 

For more information, please call 806-742-8692 or email mentor@ttu.edu.