Engaging Folsom (10,800-10,200) Hunter-Gatherers with 3D Technologies

Folsom hunter-gatherers (10,800-10,200 radiocarbon years) are the first people on the Plains of North America with an economy focused on bison hunting. These early Native Americans traveled hundreds of miles on foot in pursuit of bison herds, and they developed some of the most sophisticated stone tools known for the New World.

A man and a woman excavating a folsom site at the Lubbock Lake Landmark

Excavating at the Lubbock Lake Landmark

On the Southern Plains, Lubbock Lake and Adair-Steadman are located in the Brazos River basin. Adair-Steadman is 119 miles (192 kilometers) downstream from Lubbock Lake. Investigations at the Landmark have uncovered a series of Folsom bison kills and butchering areas, and at Adair-Steadman a stone tool workshop.

From Adair-Steadman to the Landmark, Folsom lithic technology, mobility, and bison hunting are explored across the Southern Plains through 3D technologies.

Folsom in 3D

Rapid advancements in 3D modeling and 3D printing are creating new and interactive ways to visualize and touch what life was like in the past. Most objects in this exhibit are replicated via 3D printing. You are welcome to touch, pick them up, and photograph them. On some of the objects you will notice braille. One major advantage of 3D printing is the ability to expand accessibility with the incorporation of braille onto objects.

A 3D printed Bison bone with braille and the Lubbock Lake Landmark initials printed on to it.

3D Printed Bison Metatarsal

The Exhibit

This project was supported by a grant from the Community Fund of the Community Foundation of West Texas.

Established in 1981, the Community Foundation of West Texas is a regional philanthropic entity created by and for the people of the Texas South Plains region. The Community Foundation exists to improve quality of left in this region by helping area donors to give in ways that make an enduring impact on their community. In 2015, the Community Foundation and its affiliates awarded more than $1.7 million in grants and scholarships, funding projects of hundreds of nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies. Visit Community Foundation of West Texas to learn more.


Visit the Exhibit

The Lubbock Lake Landmark is free to the public.

Engaging Hunter Gatherers (10,800-10,200) with 3D Technology was on display until October 31st, 2017.

Read about the exhibit in the news: Please Touch the Exhibit

A display of bones and related text lables from the physical exhibit at the Lubbock Lake Landmark

Display case at the exhibit


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