Texas Tech University

Audition requirements for TTU Music Composition 2020-21

Graduate Program

To be accepted into one of the Master's or Doctoral Degree programs in music, the applicant must be approved by the School of Music and admitted by the Texas Tech Graduate School. Instructions are here: Application Procedure

  1. A portfolio is required. Please choose up to three representative scores with recordings (a recording of a live performance is preferred, but a MIDI generated audio track is acceptable).

    If applying for a media emphasis, again a portfolio is required. Please choose up to three representative works in audio/video format. Since these works are often without a score, please also provide written information on the applications used, and the process used to create each submission.
  2. The following are from the Application Procedure and are listed here for your convenience and for additional information that is required.
  3. A complete curriculum vitae showing your training and experience—please include:

    A list of compositions, each with instrumentation, duration, year composed, performance info if available; if media compositions, each with the same information, but also include apps used.

    Other musical activities (teaching, organizing, conducting, etc.)

    Technology skills—music (notation programs, DAW's, music programming languages, sound apps)

    Technology skills—other non-music applications (computer programming and languages, web design, productivity, video editing, graphic design, etc.)
  4. A personal statement on your accomplishments so far, and your goals for this degree plan and future professional aspirations.
  5. Sample of written work, such as term paper, master's thesis, published article, etc.
  6. Letters of recommendation (2-3) are required.
  7. A personal interview with the composition faculty is required. This will be set up after other application materials are complete.

For questions about the School of Music Master's and Doctoral Programs, please contact: 

Kimberly Calvert-Gibson, Graduate Coordinator
(806) 834-0616