Texas Tech University

Audition requirements for TTU Music Composition 2020-21

Undergraduate Program

  1. Apply to the TTU School of Music here Apply to Texas Tech University.

    Composition majors must also submit the following and should be uploaded within the TTU Music application site.
  2. Resume—see FAQs for more information.
  3. A list of compositions (if you have them), each with instrumentation, duration, year composed, performance info if available; if media compositions, each with the same information, but also include apps used.
  4. A one-page written essay on your reasons for wanting to study composition, and your long-term goals as a musician. (This will be especially important if you want to study composition, but do not currently have a portfolio.)
  5. A separate audition on your primary instrument or voice is required of all composition students.
  6. An interview. We would like to meet with you about your aspirations, your works, and just to talk—we get to meet you, you get to meet the composition faculty. These will be virtual for 2021-22 (Zoom).
  7. A. Optional. We welcome a portfolio of selected works, but the portfolio is optional. If submitting works, please choose up to three representative scores with recordings (a recording of a live performance is preferred, but a computer-generated audio track is acceptable).

    B. Optional. If applying for a media emphasis, again the portfolio is optional. If submitting works, please choose up to three representative works in audio/video format. Since these works are often without a score, please also provide written information on the applications used, and the process used to create each submission. This gives us an idea of what kinds of technology you use and how the works were created.

We welcome students from many different backgrounds and experiences. Entering first-year students with limited composition experience will take an Introduction to Composition class that will begin the process of understanding the many different paths/tracks to take. The class will emphasize an understanding of a variety of musical languages and the many different kinds of composition in today's world. Of course, there will also be composing, with the goal of public performances of your works. Individual lessons within a faculty studio will normally begin after taking this Intro class. Students with a large and developed portfolio will usually be assigned studio lessons.

We have several composition tracks, including 1) concert works (large ensemble works, chamber, piano, choral, etc.), most often with notated scores and live performances by musicians at TTU. 2) We have a media arts and music track—this includes film, commercial music, and game soundtrack composition, but can also take you on a path of music production, engineering, and music management, and often a combination of all of these. 3) Computer music.


Undergraduate FAQs for application

  • Resume items—these are some of the things to include in your resume:
    • Your primary instrument or voice type—how many years?
    • Secondary instrument (optional)
    • Piano skills (lessons, years, self-taught)
    • Ensemble experience (choir, band, orchestra, chamber groups, jazz, popular)
    • Composition experience—how many years?
    • Other musical activities (teaching, organizing, conducting, etc.)
    • Technology skills—music (notation programs, DAW's, sound apps)
    • Technology skills—other non-music applications
  • Multiple Disciplines

    • We also welcome a combination of traditional composition and new media arts. Same criteria as listed, but also let us know in your essay.

  • Audition

    • Auditions are essentially an interview in addition to the listed application requirements and are set up during the application process for one of our audition days. Temporarily, because of Covid-19, these may be virtual. We will try to keep this updated for your information, but please do contact us (composition faculty) for confirmation.

    • You may contact us to set up a separate audition if you are unavailable for audition day. (Again, these will be virtual for the 2022 spring auditions.)

    • For audition days, interviews will normally be scheduled after auditions on your instrument or voice.