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The Texas Tech Division of Musicology is a leader in developing links between musical insight, historical understanding, and musical practice, enabling students to achieve the highest levels of musicianship while preparing them for lifelong involvement in music and for careers as music professionals, educators, scholars, creative artists or active listeners and consumers.

As teachers, researchers, authors, performers, and students of music ourselves, we believe deeply in the connections between music research and music performance, and in the links between music history and human culture. We think that understanding music history (and music theory and music pedagogy) can help us understand the music itself better. We seek to show these connections, so that you in turn can make those connections for students, friends, and audiences.

All Musicology classes will emphasize the following:

  • Developing an understanding of music as an expression and in the context of cultural history, and expanding familiarity with a wide range of repertoires;
  • Biography and cultural context: how and why composers and players made the choices they did;
  • Style-analysis: looking at scores, listening to performances, and understanding why they work the way they do;
  • Enhancing abilities to read, write, listen, and speak critically and insightfully about music and music history;
  • Preparation for graduate and/or professional work.
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Vernacular Music Center

Musicology Faculty

  • Sarai Brinker

    Critical Issues in the Arts and Culture, Music and Globalization

  • Eric Fried

    Music in Western Civilization, Music of Spain (at the TTU Center in Seville, Spain)

  • Roger Landes

    Vernacular Music, Popular Music, Balkan Ensemble

  • Angela Mariani

    Medieval Music, Popular Music, Vernacular Music; Early Music Ensemble

  • Stacey Jocoy

    Renaissance & Baroque Music

  • Lauryn Salazar

    Ethnomusicology, Latino(a) Musics of the Southwestern United States, Mariachi Music, The Musical Traditions of Latin America

  • Christopher J. Smith

    American, 20th Century, Vernacular Musics; Celtic Ensemble; Musicology Chair

  • Wayne Hobbs
    (retired 2008)

    Professor Emeritus