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Jazz Audition Information

Fall 2020 Jazz Ensemble Audition Information – Updated 08/14/2020 

 Auditions will be held on August 20, 21, and 24. Click the link below to put your name on the sign-up sheet: 


 Auditions will be via Zoom. Five minutes before your audition time, enter the zoom waiting room at the following link. You will be brought into your audition at your scheduled time.  


 Audition materials are available at the link below. There is a prepared excerpt and optional improvisation. You can download and print the prepared excerpt, improvisation excerpt, and improvisation play along track. The prepared excerpt is required, the improvisation is optional. You may also perform something of your choice in addition to the provided materials. This is optional.  


Drums – Be prepared to play a variety of styles, and you may also perform something that you prepared. 

Bass – Prepare bass clef excerpt provided in the link above. Play a bass line in bossa nova style to the chord changes provided. 

Piano/guitar – Prepare the concert key excerpt provided in the link above. Comp to the chord changes in a bossa nova style.  


Greetings everyone. I hope that you have all been staying well over the summer. Many of you have emailed the jazz faculty regarding the Jazz Area plans for Fall 2020. I apologize for making you wait for answers, but our administration has been working diligently and tirelessly on a plan to move forward. I did not want to engage in speculation or disseminate inaccurate information. The following list should answer many of these questions: 

  • The Jazz Lab will be closed to student use for fall 2020. The keypad lock will be disabled and there will be no access to the equipment.
  • Jazz Auditions will be online via zoom on August 20, 21st , and 24th (Thursday, Friday, and Monday) 10am-3pm. One week before auditions, audition materials will be posted on the School of Music Website. Also posted on the school website will be a Microsoft OneDrive link to a signup sheet, and a link to a zoom invite. Enter the zoom waiting room 5 minutes prior to your audition time. Please test your audio and resolve any issues before your audition. If you have issues regarding access to needed instruments, equipment or technology, please contact Professors Jones or Haugland as soon as possible.
  • Plans are currently under the final stages of development for ensemble rehearsal procedures. We were presented a draft proposal from the administration on Monday, August 3. We are currently in a feedback and discussion period of that proposal. We are planning on meeting face to face, but for the first four weeks of class, we will be limiting rehearsals to sectionals only, in outdoor spaces where feasible, involving no more than 4-5 students at a time. Rhythm section will possibly be indoors, but in a large space. Our situation will be reassessed by the administration on September 28, at which time a determination will be made about resuming a normal rehearsal schedule indoors. Please check your email regularly as we will disseminate information as we get it.
  • Combos, Lessons, seminars, and other jazz classes will follow University, College, and School of Music guidelines that are currently in the final stages of development. More information in this area will also be coming soon.

 I don't need to tell you that we are in unprecedented circumstances. That being said, by working together we can continue making music with both health and artistic integrity in mind. Eventually, the crisis will pass. We are learning more and more every day about the disease, how it spreads, and how to defeat it (which I am confident that we will.) In the mean-time, we don't want to lose the things that make life worth living while we negotiate this difficulty. If you're not registered for jazz ensembles, lessons, or classes, please consider doing so. We are dedicated to keeping our program alive and making it a worthwhile, informative, and fulfilling experience for all of our students.

All Our Best,

Stephen Jones
Benjamin Haugland


For further information about auditioning for the Jazz program, please contact Professor Stephen Jones.