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Jazz Audition Information

Fall 2021 Jazz Ensemble Audition Information – Updated 08/16/2021

Auditions will be held on August 23, 24, and 25.

*Important Note: auditions will be separated by instrument this year. Saxophones will audition with Professor Jones (Jazz Lab – Rm. 211.) Rhythm section players will audition with Professor Haugland (Rm. 210.) Trumpets and Trombones will audition with Professor Whalen (Rm. 103.) Click the link below to put your name on the signup sheet, making sure to use the proper column according to instrument.



Audition materials are available at the link below. There is a prepared excerpt and optional improvisation. You can download and print the prepared excerpt, improvisation excerpt, and improvisation play along track. The prepared excerpt is required, the improvisation is optional. You may also perform something of your choice in addition to the provided materials. This is optional.



Drums – Be prepared to play a variety of styles, and you may also perform something that you prepared.

Bass – Prepare bass clef excerpt provided in the link above. Play a bass line in bossa nova style to the chord changes provided.

Piano/guitar – Prepare the concert key excerpt provided in the link above. Comp to the chord changes in a bossa nova style.

All Our Best,

Stephen Jones
Benjamin Haugland

For further information about auditioning for the Jazz program, please contact Professor Stephen Jones.