Texas Tech University

Financial Aid

Texas Tech University and the School of Music offer a variety of scholarship awards each year to incoming students.  To be eligible for general entering freshman scholarships at TTU,  students must complete the scholarship portion of the Texas Common Application by December 1st. It is possible for a student to receive a School of Music scholarship without submission of the Texas Common Application, but students are greatly encouraged to submit it in order to take full advantage of all scholarship opportunities. Scholarship decisions are based upon the strength of the student's entrance audition and academic record.

Students will typically be informed of scholarship decisions by the first of April.  We strongly encourage all students to complete their audition on or before the March audition date for full School of Music scholarship consideration. NOTICE - In order to receive a scholarship offer from the School of Music, a student must have submitted his/her application to Texas Tech University via the Texas Common Application. This does not mean that the student must have completely finished the application process with TTU or that the student must have been accepted by TTU. It means that the first step of the application process must have been completed. 

We also encourage students to take advantage of the many academic scholarships, grants, and loan programs offered through the university. More information can be found at the website for the Student Financial Aid Office.

You may also find success by expanding your search for financial aid to include local foundations, religious institutions, and arts organizations. Information about these and other programs can be found at Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid