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Rangeland Issues

The NRHC cooperates with the Texas Tech University College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources to produce Rangeland Issues as a means of addressing contemporary ranching issues and helping landowners better manage their rangelands.


The Ranching Heritage Association has been responsible for producing a variety of books that explore various topics related to ranching. The following books can be purchased at Cogdell's General Store in the museum:

"Viento" is the Spanish word for "wind." An economic resurgence is occurring in parts of our rangeland as ranchers and landowners reap the rewards of energy production made possible by wind turbines. Not all ranchers, however, want the turbines. Through opinions taken from oral history interviews obtained from ranchers in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma, Viento is a record of this historical shift in land use. Cost: $20

With a foreword by Wyman Meinzer and text by Jim Pfluger, Pitchfork Country showcases the beautiful and almost mystical photos taken by the vice president and general manager of the historic Pitchfork Ranch in Texas. As a working cowboy who carries his camera sometimes 20 to 30 miles a day on horseback, Bob Moorhouse has been able to record moments in the field that few photographers or readers will ever see. Cost: $49

This book is a collection of first-hand accounts of cowboy and cowgirl anecdotes, family histories and personal stories not found in history books. Collected by author Scott White, the stories describe real-life journeys of hardship and endurance but reveal the optimism, humor and wisdom of the storytellers. The book features a foreword by Red Steagall and illustrations by Bob Moline. Cost: $29.95

This cleverly written book features concisely written text by Marsha Pfluger, former NRHC associate director. Beautiful exterior and interior color photographs by Duward Campbell show the center's restored historic buildings relocated from such well-known ranches as the Masterson, Four Sixes, Pitchfork, XIT, Matador, JA, Spur, Waggoner, U Lazy S, Renderbrook-Spade, King, Slaughter and others. Cost:$39

The Spurs of James J. Wheat: Pioneer Collector leads the reader through the expansive Wheat Spur and Bit Collection at the NRHC. The author, Bruce Bartlett, provides detailed information and descriptions of the spurs and spur makers represented in the collection. Cost: $35

Getting by in Hard Times gives a rare view of the details of running a ranch the size and scope of the Pitchfork during the late 1930s. The letters and telegrams in this book have never been published and present a running dialogue between the ranch owners and manager at a time when the country was trying to come out of an economic depression and drought. It describes the challenges of ranch life in Texas. Cost: $25

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