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When you partner with us, you become a member of the Ranching Heritage Association, a non-profit member organization.

To support the programs and activities of the National Ranching Heritage Center, a unique public-private partnership was formed in 1966 between Texas Tech University and the Ranching Heritage Association (RHA).

RHA committees designed what was originally called a Ranch Headquarters on the Texas Tech campus. RHA leaders worked for years to choose and fund the relocation of buildings that could authentically tell the story of the heritage of ranching. Through annual dues and donations, RHA members have made today's historical park possible by buying, building, moving, restoring and maintaining every structure on this 27-acre facility.

Join the RHA today and help tell the ranching story. For more information, visit online at ranchingheritage.org/join/ or call (806) 834-2646.

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National Ranching Heritage Center