Texas Tech University


Ranch Host Board Members

Garry Wright - President

Jack Mitchell - Vice President

Carol McDonald - Secretary

Patricia Herman - Treasurer

Brad Larson - Member-at-Large

Sylvia Pickens - Member-at-Large

Henry Crawford - Member-at-Large

Karen Scott - Member-at-Large

Mike West - Ex-Officio President


Ranch Host Guidebook

This document includes the volunteer procedures, the Ranch Host Code of Conduct and more. 


Clothing Guide

Use this clothing guide to help you learn what types of clothing fit the time period you wish to host at the National Ranching Heritage Center. 


Clothing Closet

The National Ranching Heritage Center has a clothing closet available to check out period clothing. Clothing checkouts are by appointment only. Contact Shelby Schwartz at 806-834-1225 or shelby.schwartz@ttu.edu to make an appointment.



Cynthia Neely is a wonderful seamstress and would love to make a custom period appropriate outfit to fit your needs!

Cynthia Neely



Classic Old West Styles

Old Frontier Clothing

Wild West Mercantile

Historical Emporium

National Ranching Heritage Center