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Matador Half Dugout

History doesn't exist without a storyteller. Maybe something really happened, but without a storyteller, that piece of history is lost. Telling the ranching story to new generations was at the heart of the founding of the National Ranching Heritage Center. Ranching families and historians created the NRHC as a living memorial for future generations because it represents a way of life that uniquely developed in the real west. The assembled structures were chosen to represent the birth, growth and maturity of ranching in the region west of the Mississippi River just as Mount Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg represent the nation's history east of the river. No state funding has ever been used to buy, build, move or furnish any structure at the NRHC, so private donations have been and continue to be essential to preserve the history and tell the story. In short, you—the donor—become the storyteller.


What Makes a Building Historic?

The story of the people who made their lives in that building. The historical park is more than buildings. It is the people who lived their lives in those buildings and created stories, legends and history in the process. When we preserve the buildings, we preserve the history and the stories for a new generation.

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To learn more about how you can sponsor a structure, contact Vicki Quinn-Williams at vicki.quinn-williams@ttu.edu or 806-742-0498.



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