Texas Tech University

Nathan Gill, Ph.D.

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Fire, Biogeography, Landscape Ecology, Geographic Information Science


I study the relationships between fire and plants. My research interests are primarily centered around three broad themes: (1) What a future with more wildfire means for ecosystem functioning and land management (2) The effects of invasive plant species on fire, and the effects of fire on invasive plants (3) The interactions between fire and other ecological disturbances, such as grazing, wind blowdown, and insect outbreak. I am currently studying these themes in wildland forests of Colorado, New Mexico, and Hawaii, as well as rangelands in Texas and New Mexico


I advise the TTU chapter of the Student Association for Fire Ecology (SAFE) and serve on the Texas Department of Agriculture Prescribed Burning Board. I am also the Treasurer of the American Association of Geographers Biogeography Specialty Group.

Courses Taught

  • Environmental Science as a Social Pursuit (NRM 1300)
  • Fire Ecology and Management NRM (4304)
  • Prescribed Burning (NRM 3323)