Texas Tech University

Dr. Ron Sosebee

Professor Emeritus
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Research Interests

I have been involved in the growth and development of the Range, Wildlife and Fisheries degree programs at Texas Tech for over 30 . Besides teaching I do research in plant ecophysiology. The classes that I teach are Range Plant Ecology, Vegetation Inventory & Analysis, Advanced Range Ecology, Plant Ecophysiology, and Seminar. My research is related to plant ecophysiology, biosolids research, and range improvements.

Recent Publications

Wang, S., C. Wan, Y. Wang, H. Chen, Z. Zhou, H. Fu, and R.E. Sosebee. 2004. The characteristics of Na+, K+, and free proline distribution in several drought-resistant plants of the Alxa desert, Shina. Journal of Arid Environments 56:525-539.

Mata-Gonzalez, R., R.E. Sosebee, and C. Wan. 2002. Physiological impact of biosolids application in desert grasses. Environmental and Experimental Botany 48:139-148.

Mounsif, M., C. Wan, and R.E. Sosebee. 2002. Effects of top-soil drying on saltcedar photosynthesis and stomatal conductance. Journal of Range Management 55:88-93.