Texas Tech University

Dr. Terry McLendon

Research Professor, Ecosystem Modeling & Large-Scale Watershed Dynamics

Ph.D., Texas Tech, 1979


Research Interests

Dr. McLendon has more than four decades of research and consulting experience in the United States, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, and Peru in plant ecology, restoration of disturbed lands, ecological modeling, ecological risk assessment, range and land management, vegetation sampling, watershed dynamics and statistical ecology. Dr. McLendon is currently developing computer simulation models for the ecosystems of the San Antonio Bay, San Antonio River, and Upper Llano River watersheds, and expects to continue that work. He is also interested in continuing his research on sources and amounts of water-use by vegetation.

Courses Taught

  1. NRM 3308 Quantitative Methods in Natural Resources
  2. NRM 5303 Synecology
  3. NRM 6330 Plant Ecohydrology
  4. PSS 5302 Statistical Applications in Natural Resources

Recent Publications

Mata-Gonzalez, R., T.L. Evans, D.W. Martin, T. McLendon, J.S. Noller, C. Wan, and R.E. Sosebee. 2014. Patterns of water use by Great Basin plant species under summer watering. Arid Land Research and Management 28:428-446.

Evans, T.L., R. Mata-Gonzalez, D.W. Martin, T. McLendon, and J.S. Noller. 2013. Growth, water productivity, and biomass allocation of Great Basin plants as affected by summer watering. Ecohydrology  6:713-721.

McLendon, Terry, Elke Naumburg, and David W. Martin. 2012. Secondary succession following cultivation in an arid ecosystem: the Owens Valley, California. Journal of Arid Environments 82:136-146.

Mata-Gonzalez, R., T. McLendon, D.W. Martin, M.J. Trlica, and R.A. Pearce. 2012. Vegetation as affected by groundwater depth and microtopography in a shallow aquifer area of the Great Basin. Ecohydrology 5:54-63.

Mata-Gonzalez, R., D.W. Martin, T. McLendon, M.J. Trlica, and R.A. Pearce. 2011. Invasive plants and plant diversity as affected by groundwater depth and microtopography in the Great Basin. Ecohydrologydoi:10.1002/eco.252.

McLendon, Terry, Paula J. Hubbard, and David W. Martin. 2008. Partitioning the use of precipitation- and groundwater-derived moisture by vegetation in an arid ecosystem in California. Journal of Arid Environments 72:986-1001.

Mata-Gonzalez, Ricardo, Rachael G. Hunter, Cade L. Coldren, Terry McLendon, and Mark W. Paschke. 2008. A comparison of modeled and measured impacts of resource manipulations for control of Bromus tectorum in sagebrush steppe. Journal of Arid Environments 72:836-846.

Mata-Gonzalez, Ricardo, Rachael G. Hunter, Cade L. Coldren, Terry McLendon, and Mark W. Paschke. 2007. Modeling plant growth dynamics in sagebrush steppe communities affected by fire. Journal of Arid Environments 69:144-157.