Texas Tech University

Joe Drake, M.S.



I grew up in the only place in Indiana with worthwhile hills and trees, Brown County, Indiana (although I might be biased).  I attended Indiana University and received degrees in biology and anthropology.  While at college, I participated on several field research programs, including helping to excavate an prehistoric Maya archaeological site, helped with underwater excavations with a 17th century pirate ship, and marine biology in the Dominican Republic.  Since graduating I have traipsed across the west gaining experience in field research in Northern and Southern Arizona, Northern California, and overseas in Micronesia.  This experience has created a professional interest in landscape level problems and the intricate interconnectedness of most ecological systems.  Professionally and unprofessionally I love to be outside.  Hiking, backpacking, climbing, and rockhounding just to name a few of my hobbies.  I am also a silversmith, play guitar, and like to brew my own beer (not that it is any good, mind you).  Stop by and say hi if you find me!