Texas Tech University

Nathan Duncan, M.S.



I recently graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah with a BS in Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation with emphases in wildlife biology and zoology. Incidentally Provo is also my hometown of 13 years. Living in Utah provides a large number of outdoor activities which is how I developed my desire to pursue natural resources management as a career. During my tenure at BYU I worked as a wildlife technician for the state of Utah gathering data on big game on Antelope Island, as a field technician doing aspen research in Fishlake National Forest, and as a research assistant tracking wildfires via remote sensing. Because of my varied experiences I find my research goals can remain somewhat open since my interests are broad. My current project on pronghorn brings together a number of my interests; primarily my curiosity of the combined effects of climate and habitat availability on large ungulates and how connections can be made between habitat patches. I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in the future and to, eventually, become a professor.