Texas Tech University

Dr. Zhanming Wan

Post-doctoral researcher
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I grew up in China and earned a B.E in Spatial Informatics and Digital Technology from Wuhan University. I came to the United States after my graduation and received a M.S in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Eastern Michigan University and a Ph.D. in Geoinformatics from University of Oklahoma. My research is focused on GIS related research and applications with hydrology and other disciplines, which contributes to new approaches to collect and organize geospatial data inventory, develop algorithm to improve land surface model outputs and produce data sets, and establish modeling framework for evaluation and visualization. The vision is to engage the state-of-art web technologies into GIS and to facilitate geospatial data management and visualization, integrate modeling methods, and share the entire framework. My current research at Texas Tech involves the application of GIS and remote sensing for detecting and monitoring atmospheric and land surfaces processes associated with the management of a target threatened bird species. Besides my research, I enjoy traveling, hiking, and swimming.