Texas Tech University

Calvin G. Barnes, Ph.D.

Professor of Geosciences

Email: cal.barnes@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-742-3106


Department of Geosciences
MS 1053
Lubbock, TX 79409

Research Interests:

  • Petrologic studies in the Bindal Batholith, north-central Norway
  • Granitic magmatism and the evolution of continental crust, Ruby Mountains, Nevada
  • Tectonics and arc magmatism in the Klamath Mountains, Oregon and California
  • Tectonic development and growth of continental crust of Texas

Dr. Barnes' area of expertise is igneous petrology & geochemistry. He has conducted extensive field-oriented petrologic and geochemical studies in the Klamath Mountains, California & Oregon, and the Ruby Mountains, Nevada. Along with collaborators at Texas Tech and the Norwegian Geological Survey, Dr. Barnes has spent the last decade studying the evolution of collision-related magmatism in the Caledonides of central Norway. In addition to these studies he is currently funded to work on the petrologic evolution of basement rocks of west Texas & eastern New Mexico.


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