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Carsten H. Westergaard, Ph.D.

Professor of Practice

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: carsten.westergaard@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-7080

Fax: (806) 742-3540

National Wind Institute Rm. 102B
MS 43155
Lubbock, TX 79409-3155

Research Interests:

Wind energy technology and innovation, Aero-elasticity, fluid structure interaction, Aerodynamics, Turbulence, Optical Measurement Technology, Microfluidics

Carsten H. Westergaard is the Senior Advisor to Sandia National Laboratory on wind energy and a Professor of Practice at Texas Tech University supported by the Emerging Technology Fund of Texas. He is the president and owner of Westergaard Solutions, Inc., a consulting company developing exciting new technologies and market approaches for renewable energy companies and suppliers.

Dr. Westergaard has served in numerous advisory board positions, and chaired international reviews of large multi-year government research programs. Dr. Westergaard earned his Ph.D. from the Danish Technical University with a thesis on optical computing and laser based turbulent flow measurements. As a student, Westergaard conducted research at the University of Illinois, CERN in Switzerland and Baker Oil Tools in Houston. He has been holding a variety of management roles concerning technology, sales and marketing, as well as working for LM Wind Power, Dantec Dynamics, Force Technology and Vestas Wind Systems in Denmark. He has more than 70 publications and 25 patents pending.

Dr. Westergaard teaches a graduate course in advanced wind technology at the National Wind Institute. His current research projects include: a new wind turbine concept, LIDAR measurements of wind turbine wakes, aero-elastic stability, scaled wind turbine technology in collaboration with Princeton University.


  • Ph.D. in Optical measurements of Turbulent structures from Physics Department (1994) – The Danish Technical University, Denmark
  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1991) – The Danish Technical University, Denmark

Recent Professional Experience:

  • Texas Tech University, TX
    • Professor of Practice, Mechanical Engineering and National Wind Institute 2013 - present
  • Westergaard Solutions, Inc, TX
    • President and owner, 2011 - present
  • Vestas Wind Systems, Houston, TX and Copenhagen
    • Director of Global Technology, 2007-2011

Selected Research Grants:

  1. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Energy program, "Development of a light detection and ranging ( LiDAR) based wind farm controller and optimizer", PI with Pentalum Technologies Ltd., $900,000, 2016
  2. Windar Photonics, A/S "Windar-TTU collaboration", PI, $270,687, 2015-pres.
  3. Alstom Power, Aero-elastic investigations, PI, $361,826, 2015-pres.
  4. Texas Emerging Technology Foundation, Co-PI, sub-award of larger grant, 2013-pres.
  5. Danish Advance Technology Foundation, "Development of Adaptive Trailing Edge Flap (ATEF) Systems for Wind Turbines", initial PI, ~$2,700,000 (DKK 15M), 2007-2011

Selected Publications:

  1. Martin, S., Westergaard, C. H., Karlson, B., White, J. , New Wake Effects Identified Using SCADA Data Analysis and Visualization, AWEA Wind Power 2015, At Orlando, FL
  2. Westergaard, C.H., 3rd Wind Energy Systems Engineering Workshop, "Towards a more robust understanding of the uncertainty of wind farm reliability," National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Boulder, Colorado. (January 14, 2015).
  3. Westergaard, C.H., Wind Power Monthly, Blade Operations And Maintenance Forum, "Reconciling Cost With Quality: What Steps Is The Industry Taking To Improve The Training Of Blade Technicians," Wind Power Monthly, Houston, Texas. (November 5, 2014).
  4. Westergaard, C.H., Swift, A., White, J., IEA Wind TEM#78 on Field Test Instrumentation and Measurement Best Practices, "Nacelle Mounted Lidar are we looking in the wrong direction?," International Energy Agency (IEA, wind), Lubbock, Texas. (October 7, 2014).
  5. Westergaard, C.H., TOWER Conference 2014, "The role of Denmark in the global wind market" and "Update on the U.S. Wind Energy Market," German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern US, Inc., Houston, Texas. (2014).
  6. Westergaard, C.H., Keller, J., Gearbox Reliability Collaborative All Members Meeting, "Atmosphere to Electrons (A2e) Wind Plant Reliability," National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado. (February 10, 2014).
  7. Westergaard, C.H., WINDINSPIRE first international workshop on "Wind Energy Intermittency: From Wind Farm Turbulence to Economic Management", ""Ideas that could boosts wind farm performance"," John Hopkins University and Danish Technical University, Danish Technical University. (June 24, 2013).

Carsten Westergaard