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Jerry Guynes, P.E.

Research Professor

Email: jerry.guynes@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-8992

FAX: (806) 742-3446 


National Wind Institute
MS 43155
Lubbock, TX 79409-3155

I am an electrical engineer with over 30 years experience in land, sea, air and spaced-based radar systems with additional specialties in multi-variable non-linear control theory, digital signal processing, and real-time data acquisition systems.

I have served globally as expert consultant for several member nations within the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and have participated in several seminal large-scale international research projects including the NASA Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere/Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Response Experiment (TOGA/COARE), the Kwajalein Experiment (KWAJEX), and the Dynamics of the Madden‐Julian Oscillation (DYNAMO) project.

While at NWI, I designed and built the TTU Ka-band mobile Doppler pulse compression radar systems and while at Texas A&M University, I designed and built the Shared Mobile Atmospheric Research and Teaching Radar (SMART-R), C-band systems for the SMART-R consortium which consisted of The National Severe Storms Laboratory, Texas A&M University, The University of Oklahoma, and Texas Tech University. In addition, I have worked with numerous other universities, both in the U.S. and abroad, on a wide variety of projects.

I am a licensed professional engineer, President and Owner of Vortexas Engineering Consultants, and I have served as an expert witness in a variety of microwave radiative transfer/interference and radar related court cases and as a consultant/subcontractor to the U.S. armed services in matters of homeland defense and technological development.


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  1. BEACon - Beamed Radar for Energy Assessment and Site Conditions. February 2015
  2. Wind Farm Complex Flows Measurements using the the TTUKa Mobile Doppler Radars. Starting June 2012.
  3. Dynamics of the Madden Julian Oscillation (DYNAMO). October 2011 – March 2012.
  4. Comision Nacional Del Agua (ConAgua) Expansion. November 2008 – March 2010.
  5. Dubai Airport Expansion Project. February 2009.
  6. Texas A&M University 3D Real-Time LDAR-II Network. September 2004 – April 2007.
  7. The Supreme Council for Environment and Natural Reserves, Water Conservation Project. March 2006.
  8. NASA/TAMU Keys Area Microphysics (CAMEX-4, KAMP). September 2001.
  9. NASA Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (Kwajex and TRMM Overflight Portions). July 1999 – September 1999.
  10. NASA Tropical Ocean - Global Atmosphere (TOGA) Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Response Experiment (COARE). November 1992 – February 1993.
  11. Kenya Rangeland Growth PASTURE Project. September 1991 – May 1993.
Jerry Guynes