Texas Tech University

What is a Raider Room?

A Raider Room is a centrally scheduled and maintained classroom
that is available to users in all academic disciplines.


Raider Room List

    • Agricultural Science 214
    • Biology 106
    • Biology LH100
    • Chemistry 049
    • Chemistry 101
    • Chemistry 107
    • Chemistry 234
    • Classical and Modern Language and Literature 001
    • Classical and Modern Language and Literature 105
    • Electrical Engineering 101
    • Electrical Engineering 118
    • Electrical Engineering 221
    • Humanities 001
    • Goddard Range and Wildlife 203
    • Holden Hall 006
    • Holden Hall 028
    • Holden Hall 033
    • Holden Hall 038
    • Holden Hall 075
    • Holden Hall 104
    • Holden Hall 106
    • Holden Hall 109
  • Holden Hall 111
  • Holden Hall 127
  • Holden Hall 128
  • Holden Hall 130
  • Holden Hall 150
  • Holden Hall 152
  • Holden Hall 154
  • Holden Hall 155
  • Holden Hall 225
  • Holden Hall 226
  • Holden Hall 233
  • Holden Hall 255
  • Human Science 063
  • Human Science 169
  • Human Science 226
  • Human Science 273
  • Math 011
  • Math 012
  • Math 014
  • Math 015
  • Math 108
  • Math 109
  • Math 112
  • Mechanical Engineering South 205
  • Media and Communications 053
  • Media and Communications 055
  • Media and Communications 057
  • Media and Communications 067
  • Media and Communications 075
  • Media and Communications 082
  • Media and Communications 083
  • Media and Communications 084
  • Media and Communications 153
  • Media and Communications 155
  • Media and Communications 157
  • Media and Communications 166
  • Media and Communications 168
  • Media and Communications 253
  • Media and Communications 255
  • Media and Communications 257
  • Media and Communications 266
  • Media and Communications 268
  • Media and Communications 270
  • Media and Communications 281
  • Media and Communications 353
  • Media and Communications 359
  • Science 007
  • Science 010
  • Science 112
  • Science 204


What to Expect in a Raider Room

Raider Rooms provide technology, distance learning,
dry erase markers and Classroom Technology support.

Maintenance Support:

Items: Heating & Air, Broken Classroom Items, Room Lighting Issues, etc.

Call (806) 742-4OPS (4677) 
Submit a Work Order

Raider Room Classroom Technology:

Items: Computer issues, batteries for mics & mouse, technology equipment, etc.

Call (806) 742-5381 or email ctsstaff.ithelpcentral@ttu.edu


Operating Policies


How to Use the Technology
in the Raider Rooms

Raider Room Training Video
Distance learning, technology, and Raider Room Access,
(video access to faculty/staff at TTU).

A copy of the instructions can be found in the lectern drawer of each classroom. Additional copies are available using the links below.

How to Gain Access to a Raider Room

For access to the room, please contact ODPA at operations.raiderrooms@ttu.edu  during business hours to have access added to your University identification card. ODPA will need your name, email address, reservation number and R# in order to process your access request.

Instructors of Record (IOR) have access added automatically for Raider Rooms they are currently teaching in, but can request additional access to be added for events and
for their TA's by emailing operations.raiderrooms@ttu.edu.

Watch this Raider Room Access Video videoon how to use the Raider Room door locks.

How Do I Reserve a
Raider Room for an Event?

Go to Ad Astra Scheduling, click on the Events tab and
then click on Event Request to begin accessing the
event request forms. 

Detailed instructions on how to request
an event can be found here
video AAand Printed versions.

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing, as event requests are processed in the order they are received. 

How Do I Schedule a
Raider Room for My Class?

Please contact your department's collaborative academic scheduler or scheduling point of contact and they can request the space for your section.

We Want to Hear From You!

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Q: "Can I schedule a semesters course in a Raider Room through Ad Astra?"

Q: "If I have reserved a Raider Room for an event how many people can have lock access to the room?"

Q: "I am having technology issues in a Raider Room, who do I contact?  For example: Dead batteries for the microphone/wireless keyboard/mouse, software problems, projector issues, etc.?"

Q: "The room temperature is uncomfortable, who do I contact?"

Q: "Can I take chairs from other rooms and put them in the Raider Room I am using?"



Contact us at:

(806) 742-5365



Operations Division: Planning and Administration