Texas Tech University

Vinicius Machado, DVM, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Veterinary Sciences

Research Interests
dairy cattle, uterine health, immunology, management


Photo Description


Dr. Vinicius Machado is an Assistant Professor of Dairy Health and Management at the Department of Veterinary Sciences. The overarching objective of his research is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge that will translate into the development of new strategies and technologies that will improve animal health, welfare, and production. His teaching efforts will be distributed into the disciplines of epidemiology, endocrinology and immunology.


Dr. Machado currently works on the development of selective therapy management strategies to help optimize antimicrobial use in dairy cattle and mitigate the development of the risk of antimicrobial resistance. He is particularly focused on metritis (treated with ceftiofur) and increasing immune function. Using immunology and microbiology concepts, Dr. Machado examines how the immune response the microbiome imapcts health of dairy cattle.

Research capabilities - Instrumentation/Testing

flow cytometry, ELISA